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  1. I don't know why and I didn't check official statistics but according to the posts on youtube and on this forum it seems that a large majority of concertina players are men (maybe it's different in Ireland?). It's the reason why it's nice to watch some new videos posted by women and sometimes finding another way to play the instrument like this english concertina player who is using it in a very minimalist style to accompany her poetry:


  2. @Tona: maybe it was after I listened to your hot summer version that I began to play with the oom-pah accompaniment on this tune. Thank you for showing this different way!


    @Riton: to make a link with another of your threads if you are a oom-pah fan then you need such an overlap on the duet in order to make the chords on LH. Thank you for the information about the musette tunes and I'd like to play it. Can you play the accompaniment on your ukulele?

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