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    Whistle Flute Folk music (mainly celtic) Played anglo for local morris team for many years.
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  1. Hi Roger, Chris says it is Len Barwell, Charlie Brett on the left Patt Paterson behind him and Jack Hyde fooling in the smock> Pete.
  2. Hi again Roger, I also asked Chris Bartram to have a look at the photo, he remembers you and sends his regards. Pete
  3. Hi Roger, I think the photo is a gentleman called Len Bardwell, Major Fryer was a much more upright man and had a moustache in the photos I have seen of him. Stuart Jackson, who would remember him has just gone on holiday today, as luck would have it, I will confirm with him in a couple of weeks when he returns. Pete.
  4. Hi Inventor, That would be Francis Fryer who was a musician with the side, before my time sadly, but I have heard many stories of him from the older members of the Team. There is only one chap alive now who would remember him but he was only a boy at the time and is not a musician so probably would not know. There is an extensive photo record which has pictures of Francis in, I will have a look and see what he is playing. Hoges
  5. Hi David, Looks like you put some hours in there! It is a handsome looking piece of work. Eventually I plan to have a go at a DIY concertina but lots to learn before that! Pete
  6. A bit of explanation. When you say "the reed layout is English", I presume that you mean each button sounds the same note in both directions, which is the case with the "English concertina". But the "English" is more significantly characterized by a particular layout of the buttons and notes, not just a single note per button. As others have noted, what you have is a Maccann duet, on which each button also sounds the same note in both bellows directions, but where the layout of buttons and notes is quite different from an English. There are even different kinds of "duets", with layouts of the buttons and notes that differ radically from each other. Best not to buy another concertina until you learn more about the differences. But since your Kensington is on order, and if the wait isn't too long, I would suggest (as Geoff also suggested) that you work with your little Maccann. Even if it's not your ideal, it should give you practice with various aspects of playing that are shared by all concertinas and will (I hope) keep you from going stir crazy in the meantime. (Well, that worked for me : I found a cheap 20-button Italian anglo to keep me busy until I managed to get an English of my own, and it was enough, though it didn't convince me to switch to anglo as my main squeeze. I played the Jeffries belonging to the Abingdon Morris Men for many (25) years so I do have some knowledge of Anglos! What I meant by "English" was the same note in and out. I had heard the names "duet" and "McCann" mentioned but until now never saw one! I shall restore this one as loving as possible and then see if I stand any chance of playing it !! Pete
  7. Thanks Geoff, I didn't pay lots for it and it is in very original condition as far as I can tell. It needs new valves and some pads, the bellows look good but leather is a bit crispy. Should keep me busy for a while. Thanks for the reply. Pete.
  8. I have just bought a Lachenal & Co sight unseen at an auction (why do I do that? ) It has anglo hand rests so I thought "Anglo" but the reed layout is English. The buttons look anglo ish and there is a hole for an air v/v which judging by the wear may have been used at one point, but it could not have been on the valve plate that is now fitted? Serial No 2733 Right hand rest marked STEEL REEDS : ENGLISH MAKE: TRADE MARK and the other side of the rest has Patent No 4752. My intention was to refurbish this one and use it until my Kensington arrives in the spring. Now really not sure what to do with it. Any suggestions? Pete Hogan
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