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  1. Hey folks. Up for sale is my basically brand new Jackie concertina. There are NO marks, scratches, dents, or damage of any kind as far as I can tell. Whenver I played it I was always gentle, and whenever I was finished it was placed back into it's gig bag. Also included is the book that came with it on how to play. The book DOES have some wear and tear, but is still completely readable/usable. here is my craigslist link: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/msg/5218745213.html I am still very much a beginner on the instrument and would love to keep improving, but I've fallen on some hard times and I am forced to sell some of my favorite things, including my musical instruments. I purchased this concertina for about $420 shipped, so I'd love to see it go for $400, mainly because that would keep me going for another week, but I know that's asking a lot considering it is technically a used concertina. If possible, I'd prefer it to be someone local so I don't have to ship it, but I will if I have no other choice. Thank you everyone.
  2. Little update for everyone, I received my Jackie last night! Played around aimlessly just to see if it would be fairly intuitive, it was not lol. Quickly figured out it would be easier for me to use the book rather than get better on my own, so I get to relearn how to read music! Yay. Only issues besides my own inadequacies were that when it first arrived, there was something rattling around inside, so after a very careful disassembly, I discovered a small nut and washer had come off of a bolt that held on the thumb strap. No biggie now that it's all reattached. The only minor issue I really have is that some of the reeds are slow to voice, all higher notes, and only when being very quiet. If I play with a tad more gusto they voice quite nicely, much to my girlfriend's chagrin XD All in all, with some practice (read:forever) I think this is going to be a very fun hobby.
  3. Mary, Thank you for the invite! As soon as I get to a level of proficiency where it doesn't sound like I'm playing a duck with laryngitis instead of an instrument, you'll probably find me there I feel like there aren't very many players of the concertina in San Diego, for some reason...
  4. Oh, I do love me some puns My brother and I are the champs of our family. glad to know I'll be in good com-pun-y here as well XD Seeing all these people starting on Jackies is one of the many reasons I decided to go with one. If it's something I end up loving, my goal is to either upgrade to a Morse or a Rose. Or just skip all that hullabaloo and go vintage
  5. Howdy everyone! I've juuuuuuuuuusssst purchased my first english concertina from Concertina Connection! A Jackie, naturally. After much research I decided I needed a fully chromatic instrument that was well suited for (eventually) complex solo pieces in modern, classical and other varying styles, but could also accompany singing, and I felt the English system was best suited to that. I'm a fairly good guitar player, mostly Spanish and Flamenco, but a bit of classical here and there as well, but reading music is still a challenge for me. Trying to change that at the present moment. Anyhow. I know this is gonna be a fun experience, one I hope continues for a long time, and I am very excited to get to know all of you over time
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