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  1. Thanks, chas, for the kind words. It's one of Terry McGee's, actually, a Pratten style with a short foot, and it is indeed a very fine instrument. I've been been neglecting the flute shamefully in recent years, and putting up a few videos has been sort of an expiatory exercise. Bob Michel
  2. Wolf-- You're right; I suppose one could delurk in either direction. Thanks for the welcome. Steve-- He's a whippet, actually. Not a concertina enthusiast, exactly, but fairly resigned at this point (he's nearly 14). Jim-- Thanks for the invitation. That's a pretty big "almost" in "almost in the neighborhood," but perhaps I'll make it at some future date. it's been many years since I hit any kind of music gathering in the Washington/Baltimore area. Bob Michel
  3. I'm new to the forum (see my post "Delurking" in "General Concertina Discussion"). Since ITM is most of what I do on the instrument, I figured I may as well pitch right in on this Theme. So here's a favorite set dance played on a 40 button Lachenal Anglo. No slur intended against any Gaugers in the group. Bob Michel http://youtu.be/VodzZoepooA
  4. I enjoyed listening to these versions so much that they prompted me to do something I've been putting off since the 1990s: join this forum (see my post "Delurking" in "General Concertina Discussions"). I don't play many Scandinavian tunes (I'm more of an ITM type), but I do enjoy a challenge. So here's a first attempt of my own; I hope it's not too unidiomatic. If it is, perhaps someone would like to purchase me a nyckelharpa to set me straight... Bob Michel http://youtu.be/grPcD9e-LnU
  5. Hello to all, Having browsed this forum pretty much since it started, I've decided to stop procrastinating and sign on. So this is by way of belated introduction. I've been playing music of one kind or another since the '60s, and Anglo concertina since around 1997. After a brief apprenticeship on a Stagi G/D, I lucked into a lovely old (c. 1890) Lachenal 40 button in C/G, and later added a 1953 Wheatstone, also with 40 buttons, which the Button Box did a great job of hot-rodding with a new riveted action. I still play both of these (you can hear them on my brand new YouTube channel). For a time I also owned one of the late Harold Herrington's wonderful concertinas, which I sold to a friend some years back. On concertina I play mainly ITM, though I do play some other styles as well as some other instruments. I give lessons on several of these in the Philadelphia area, if anyone stateside is interested. Anyway, having profited so long from the expertise and lore shared on this site, I figure it's time to step out of the shadows, if only to say thanks! Bob Michel
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