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  1. We will take a look at the melodeon. I thought being smaller, a concertina might be easier but maybe I was just wrong about that. Thanks again to everyone for their help.
  2. Many thanks to you all for your most helpful replies. And a special thanks to the member who sent me a personal message to say that I'd had some. replies Being a novice at forums, I thought I'd get email notifications if I had any replies so hadn't realised I had all these helpful messages. My daughter can't read music and wants to play to accompany herself when she teaches Morris dancing but only on the occasions when the 'real' musicians can't make it. Trying them out is a good idea so I will call Hobgoblin. Also, the point about finding a teacher is a good one so I will have to look
  3. My daughter (17) thinks she would like to learn the concertina. She is not the most musical person in the world but she does play the guitar. Which is the easiest type of concertina for a novice to play. She probably would play it as a solo instrument. We are in west London.
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