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  1. Thanks to those who helped, and I followed up. Norman did have a bit of an illness but it's now sorted. I was a bit concerned at an apparent silence. Ta!
  2. Many thanks for these replies. I'll follow up what you've told me. Thanks!
  3. Well,if anyone has an idea of Norman's situation at a later date, please post. Thanks. I did get a kindly message from someone, which was gratefully received. It wasn't definitive, so thanks in advance to anyone who can say more.
  4. Hello all, Can anyone tell me anything about N.Chalmers' (Edinburgh, Jock Tamson's Bairns) current situation? I used to see him write for The List etc, but that stopped in 2011, apparently suddenly. I'm not talking personal info - just is he still around the music scene? Is he still playing? Thanks John B
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