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  1. OK, this is the " TOTM not, concertina not'. Tune has been stuck in my head and I needed to release it from my musical "to do" list, and my concertina is at the shop getting fixed. Hope no one minds, this month only, a hammered dulcimer fill in. https://soundcloud.com/ariaqueezehammer/girl-in-clover-1
  2. Jim that sounds really great. I love French Canadian songs and I am going to learn your version.
  3. Here is my version. I worked on trying to play it slowly, simply and steadily and tried to give the piece some space and silence .Easier said than done. A little snippet of an old french Christmas carol popped in my head at the end of the piece. https://soundcloud.com/stream
  4. Your rendition of Girl in Clover is just beautiful ! I am going to work on it even though I will not get it finished before the Sept is over. It is a difficult tune to get the flow of and you did it beautifully.
  5. I was looking through an old classical music piano book and found Robert Schumann's Merry Peasant ,which after I played it, I realized is the same song as the American folk tune Redwing .Schumann wrote Merry Peasant as an exercise for the left hand, so it was a good learning experience for me to play the melody on the left hand and harmony on the right. https://soundcloud.com/ariaqueezehammer/merry-peasant-redwing-3
  6. I think the suggestion of TOTwoM is a great idea and that we should try it for October.Leave September's choice up for another month.Like some of the other non techie posters, it usually takes me quite a chunk of time to record and post and I was unable to participate this month, although I played around with the selections.
  7. I LOVE TOTM! I have only been playing the concertina for 8 months. I think that the TOTM has helped to improve my playing tremendously. It is very useful to have to play something and record oneself . Less stressful than performing live, but requiring more diligence than just playing around alone. I also have been exposed to music that I was not familiar with . I think people have been very supportive with comments and advice and hope we can continue it. It is a great leaning tool.
  8. I think your first recording is your Morse and second is Jeffries
  9. Tombigbee Waltz Take 2 https://soundcloud.com/ariaqueezehammer/tombigbee-waltz-take-2 I was so inspired by Wolf's beautiful , well timed, rendition of Tennessee Waltz that I re-did my Tombigbee Waltz and tried to slow it down from a sprint to a waltz tempo.
  10. Polka De L'ase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYkM88BbsyU
  11. Here is Tombigbee's Waltz. GD Morse Anglo Working on sustaining R hand and lightening up on L. Messed up in middle, but don't have time to redo right now. https://soundcloud.com/ariaqueezehammer/tombigbee-waltz-take-2 e
  12. Daria

    D/g Wanted

    Absolutely LOVE my Morse! It is so smooth and easy to play and the people at the Buttonbox are wonderful to work with. Would be worth a trip across the pond! I don't play outdoors for dances but maybe Jim Besser could answer that for you since he also has a morse GD and plays for dances.
  13. Daria

    D/g Wanted

    Hello Rob I recently upgraded from a Stagi G/D to a Morse G/D. The Buttonbox in Massachusetts bought it back from me, so you could inquire to see if they still have it. It has only been a month so it is likely they still have it. Daria
  14. Very nice Robert! And the tune names? Recognize them but would like names:)
  15. Thanks so much for your encouragement Wolf! I appreciate it. Daria
  16. I voted for Balkan Hills Schottische for TOTM but it didn't win. I learned it anyway(sort of) and paired it with Packington's Pound and call the medley TOTM Winner and Loser for odd pairings. I had a hard time on the Balkan Hills using my air button discretely and it sounds like someone gasping but I am working on that Played on G/D 31 button Morse Anglo http://youtu.be/-Gq_OMRZB70
  17. Here is my version in Am working from the Beggar's Opera Air "Thus Gamesters United". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHg97Z72TUw I used my new Morse Anglo G/D and love it! My recording is muddled and sloppy, but I was recording it in a closet at my 87 year old parents house so I wouldn't awaken them and it was getting too hot and I had to get out!
  18. ] Here is my version in Em. I played around with Bm and Am but Em seemed to work best for me and my G/D Stagi. It is still choppy, but hopefully I am making a little progress. Tune of the month is a great teaching tool - I'd encourage other novice players to try it! [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WUxVAw7D_g]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WUxVAw7D_g[/url
  19. Hi I am selling my g/d 30 button Stagi back to Buttonbox in a few weeks. It is in great condition, I am just upgrading to a Morse I suspect you could then buy it used from Buttonbox in about a month if you contact them. My new one should be finished late June (I hope!) Daria
  20. I have only been playing the concertina for 4 months, and my playing is very choppy , sloppy, and erratically timed, but it has been a really good learning experience for me to try the tune of the month and to record it. Thanks for encouraging beginners to post. PS.This is my first social media post EVER. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExmPd9lIH60&feature=em-upload_owner#action=share Stagi G/D Anglo 30
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