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  1. Hi Malcolm,yes, I will visit that site also, but will still be here because I am still learning my Concertina and appreciate all of your help.All of you are so very helpful and I certainly appreciate your input.
  2. Sorry for the incorrect spelling...it should be (prodigy) I am using my ipad and auto-correct and inserts whatever it wants lol
  3. I started playing piano when I was 5. My mum sat and played "Clare de Lune(moonlight) by Debussy, and sat and played the song. Ha, my mum thought instantly she had a child prodgedy ..NOT!!!! Lol. I just found out what those little notes (space notes)were called and like them, so I will try to learn to use them in my songs....but will be careful to not to use too many . I just realized there is also a discussion on the forum for accordions. I am currently researching Cajun Accordions. I think I will invest in one and learn to play it as well. What fun!
  4. Ok, so i have another question(among many) when to use "Grace Notes" I notice on most Irish songs, there is a "little" note that is played between another note. I managed to find out that these notes are called "grace notes" but when do I use them when playing Irish jigs or other fast songs. grant you, I may be expecting too much of myself too quickly but I really want to learn to play jigs as well as polkas. So...Jim, or anyone else have an answer for me. When do I know when to use the grace notes? Is you get tired of my questions let me know and I'll stop asking,so many questions(just ki
  5. So Jim, I guess the best thing to do is just remember where they are . I will remember. I am so far playing thy "ear" as I do the piano. I have had my concertina for 3 weeks. I am playing "Danny Boy" the " Isle of Innisfree,which is the theme from Theme From The Man","When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and "If You Ever Cross The Sea To Ireland" I am playing them by ear but at times I do forget when to push and when to pull.lol I will follow your help,Jim and use your suggestions. Thanks so much again. Lynx, I will do as you suggest and make my own diagram to follow . Good idea!
  6. Anyone have a good way to learn the placement of the notes on the Concertina? How do you remember the notes and when to pull and push? I know it might sound gravy, but there has to be a way...right? Liz
  7. Thanks for your reply Alan. Hopefully one out of the three will be ok? Thanks to all of you ,now I won't be concerned about the last button . Hmm, now to overcome sticking buttons lol I am so excited about playing The Concertina. Again, many thanks for your time guys!
  8. Thanks Malcolm for taking your time to help. So...I just,ordered two more,Concertinas. One is a Hohner,20 button and another Musicians Gear. There are 30 day warranties on both,I can take the ones I don't want to a,local store('they are the dealers,for the two new ones) and they will honor my warranties. So out of three, I should find one I want lol I don't feel so bad after talking to you guys. I thought it was a problem before coming to this forum. Now, to just Deal with the sticking button lol Liz
  9. Aloha Gary, Oh, my gosh, of course it helps! According to all of you guys, I won't worry about it. Thanks again to all of you Liz(Jude)
  10. "once you can step up a level or two. So stick with it. there is a lot of pleasure to be had. " Malcolm, do you mean by "step up a level or two" by buying a more expensive Concertina" or improving my skills? Or buying. A better brand? . What kind do you have, and can you suggest a less expensive and yet better quality? Living in a small Cal town, I am extremely limited on stores so I depend on the internet.
  11. Hey,you're correct Jim I didn't even realize that .
  12. Hi again I forgot,to,mention, the button that sticks is the top,left side F /E button.(the second button)F being pulling out, E being pushing in)Thought I'd better let you know it IS one of the main buttons I use. This wasn't my main question in the first letter I wrote but thought I'd bother you with it,since,you are so willing to help me lol My main question is still about the tuning,but any advice is really great!
  13. Hello Jim and Malcom, Jim, the button I am referring to is the last button, bottom row. Mine has D(on the pull) and G( on the push) so you assumed correct,so you believe it is ok and I don't need to return it to the store and not worry about it? This is basically my question also,will I even use that button? I guess it seemed strange to have two D's side by side (Because the button to the right of it being the F#(pulling out)and a D(pulling) ...the d's are next to each other.no other notes are side by side on the Concertina. I am learning to play on You Tube from the Irish Academy of Mus
  14. I recently purchased a 20 button, anglo concertina Musicians Friend from the Guitar Center. All buttons are on tuned properly according to websites I've found EXCEPT the bottom row, left side,4th finger(little finger) According to sites, it should be A/ B and instead it is D/G (D being the note above middle c and the G being the first G below middle C) I play the piano so I compared. Is this tuned properly? I don't know since I am a beginner. I realize the concertina I purchased isn't a name brand,nor expensive, but I had to start someplace to learn and didn't want to spend a lot on my f
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