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  1. As an amature woodworker myself I can really appreciate your work.


    Is it possible to design such as case with a very small compartment

    where one can store very small tools (one very small screw driver, for

    example) a small hygrometer etc. Such a compartment, of course,

    should be able to "breath" with the concertina chamber. Such a

    chamber could be on one of the hexagona sides, I suppose, and only

    increase the lenth by a 1/2 inch or so.


    I realize that this would increase the price, but it could tip the balance

    in my own mind to make such a purchase. For me it is a real need.


    Nice work, Noel

  2. I agree with what Joy mentions above!


    However, I do still use large chords - but this only because I inserted a baffle on left side. Without the left side volume being controlled, chords on the left side should be limited to two or three notes. More that this, the melody will be drowned out.


    I personally do not think that a Hayden should be sold without a baffle option. The nature of the instrument calls for one - particularly in the early stages of musical development with this great key layout. Don Taylor has an excellent photo presentation on how to make one, if interested:




    Honestly, if I could not control the left side volume, I would have probably migrated to another system by now. If you do decide to insert a baffle, I could give you some tips if interested.




    More recently, I am able to play a melody on the right side and now have the chords split between BOTH left and right sides. Working toward this end might also help to solve this issue.

  3. I received their CD - DVD combination in the mail a few days ago. Sets a new standard in concertina discography. It also helps to redefine (at least in my mind) the potential of the Anglo ( as well as all other key formats) concertina.


    I will be listening and studying this presentation for some time for sure !!


    Get it if you can.

  4. Thank you both. That is helpful, and I do agree about contacting Andy as the right thing to do.


    My concern is a bit more global, although Flatworld is my immediate consideration. So, for

    example, I have altered the following two hymns for my duet:


    "There is a Green Hill"

    "Herr Jesu Christ"


    So, unless I have permission from the publisher, I cannot post my arrangements ?


    ALSO, if one can only play music in a private setting, does this mean that

    in a strict sense that many (perhaps most) of the postings on SouldCloud and

    YourTube should not be there ? Most of the concertina music on these sites

    is not original, although the arrangements are often highly unique and valuable.


    Thankfully, most of my music is original...

  5. Hello,


    Looking for some help on copyright issues.


    But first some brief background. About 9 months ago, I heard Andy Cuttings’ Flatworld, and really liked it and decided to learn it on my Duet concertina, and naturally I developed an accompaniment for it. This was done by ear. I played it, mastered it, enjoyed it, and then moved on.


    As time tends to do, I forgot about the tune and then a few day ago remembered and tried to play it, but to my “horror” I had forgotten much of it - and I had not written anything down! I was not about to let this one slip so with some work I pieced it back together again, and just in case, wrote the whole thing down.


    As I was doing this, and using various music from the web, I was surprised that my rendition has some modifications that seemed to work well with me. I also noted that no music of Flatworld on the web was identical either.


    So, here is my issue. I have been playing the concertina for about 6 years now and am getting ready to put some of my music on the web to share with the concertina world and I desire to make my particularly notations available as well. I’m just not clear as to what is OK and what is not OK in a case like this.


    The melody is Andy’s!


    But various chord progressions, modifications, involved a lot of work by myself.


    So, is it OK to post the music if Andy is clearly identified as author of the tune.


    For example, I am looking at some random music now that has:


    HEIRHICH SCHUTZ (1585 -1672)

    Arranged and edited by Walter Ehret


    Would it be appropriate in this case to credit like this:



    Arraigned and edited by N. Ways


    If you are familiar with these issues, any help would be great !! I also have several hymns that I have done similarly.


    Thanks in advance !!

  6. Danny is one of several concertina players whose musicianship keep pushing me to better my music playing and creativity.

    I check his SoundCloud page daily for uploads

    His recent two uploads




    are at another level all together, if seems to me. Amazing. Close to perfection?


    The smoothness and expression may challenge my playing for years.

    Further, I do not sense the presence of the bellows, or the clicking of the keys, or some

    of the other typically characteristic quirks of the concertina.


    I guess I am bringing all this up for input on techniques on how to play

    in such a flowing manner. Also, in this age of technology, to what degree

    does this play into the presentation.


    Danny, I'd love to hear from you on this (and I am sure others may as well) !!


    Best to all ...




    I just discovered that Danny has already begun to discuss the above at:





  7. For some time now I have wished that there was a

    dedicated discussion forum that dealt with technology and the concertina.

    So I wanted to float this idea to see if there was interest,

    and if the "powers that be" might be amenable.

    Such a forum, as I envision it, might include:


    • Home recording studio (a place in the house) set up

    • Mic placements

    • Video and sound issues.

    • Pros and cons of computer generated effects (i.e. reverb, etc.)

    • Discussion on the value of various software products

    • Which mics are best for the concertina?

    • MIDI concertina development issues

    • ETC ETC


    Just a suggestion. But it seems to me that this area is so vast,

    that a dedicated forum might serve us all well.




    Edit: Good grief, I just noted that there is a forum,

    "Forum Questions, Suggestions, Help" where this suggestion

    should have been placed. Oh well, hope the idea

    gains some traction anyway !!

  8. Hello,


    If you are settled upon a Stagi, do consider

    getting it from Button Box as they fine tune

    it before sending selling.


    They have information about their

    "enhancement" process on their web site.


    You may want to just take a drive up there

    and try it out. It would make a nice (although

    somewhat long) day trip. When it comes

    to something like this, it may be worth it !!


    But call them to check out availability to make

    sure what you are interested in will be there

    when you arrive.



  9. I'd like to reactive this thread of 10 years ago, as I now am now in need of replacing some valves on an old Lachanel Anglo recently purchased. I also thought this thread was interesting to see three different ideas from three different well respected concertina maker/repairers. Any other thoughts? So far here is what we have:


    Rich Morse: Shellac (home made preferably)

    Dave Elliot: Gloy gum (or Gum aromatic)

    Frank Edgley: Hyde Glue or other

  10. In the International Concertina Association (ICA) article mentioned above, Alex writes:


    "In 2012 I applied to the ICA committee for a

    grant to purchase instruments to establish a

    primary school teaching project to raise the

    profile of the concertina amongst children in County Durham.

    With the funding from the ICA, and a few individual donations,

    I was able to purchase 11 instruments to begin the project."


    I was wondering if the ICA has a program or budgets money

    to sponsor this type of project. And ... if there are other

    organizations that might be willing to take on projects like



    By the way, Alex does have a web site if you would like

    to contact her for more information about her project.



  11. I have had a perhaps misguided notion that learning the concertina was best for one who already had some music background. The video below, which I found a few minutes ago, is going to force me to rethink this notion. I am curious if anyone else out there has any experience teaching concertina to children with little or no musical background in either a public or private setting.


    Thanks in advance !!







    Also, just found an excellent article published in ICA. Alex Wade, the author, is the talented teacher in the video.




    I love the picture of those 10 concertinas !!! I see a child's smile on each one of them.

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