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  1. Thank You for your responses, I find it hard to just release the air button slightly, Either you push it or you don't. Ronald
  2. Hello, About the air button.. I have noticed that when I use the air button; the volume of the note played looses volume. Of course, this has to be normal. Do you have to treat the air button the same as taking a breath on the whistle? which is simply not playing the note , the breath takes the time of that particular note. Although taking in bellows is not as fast as taking a breath. What do you do. Thank You, Ronald
  3. Hello, I think that it is time to introduce myself. I am Ron Denis from Ontario Canada. I am in my mid fifties and have been playing instruments since I was about twelve years old. Guitar ( later, bagpipes). In June I received my anticipated Frank Edgley Pro model. The saying " you get what you pay for" came instantly to mind. It is not just aesthetically wonderfully but functionally as well. Nothing stiff about this, clear clean sound. I am enjoying learning this very much. I am also finding that the material to play on this CG concertina is limitless. Presently learning Pretty Saro, I must admit that my mind still think musically in bagpipe terms though" Anyhow, high praise to Mr Edgley and his devotion to this wonderful instrument, and his patience. Cheers for now, Ronald P/S I now need to find some goat leather spray as this wonderful smell is now starting to dissipate
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