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  1. Thanks, Maki. I will. One of my Morris dancing colleagues also mentioned Dave Elliott.
  2. Ivan, many thanks for your thoughts. My concertina is, indeed, a 46 key one. The left hand seems to have a lowest note of C (below middle), and the right, G (above middle).
  3. The dusty object which has sat on my piano for the last twenty years turns out to be a Lachenal (MacCann) duet concertina. It is number 1192, which dates it around 1896. So, an interesting instrument, and quite an old one...it is in need of an overhaul to restore it to playable condition. I know that I will not play it myself, so will try to sell it. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether it would be worth my while restoring it before I try to sell? And any ideas about where to get this restoration done?
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