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  1. I'm not sure I will have to look into that question.
  2. I Just got off the phone with Greg Jowaisas, He was very helpful. My concertina is a Anglo. By listening to concertina over phone Greg thinks the key is B flat. Mike
  3. Trying Chris' method #1 playing the note a few times pushing, then playing same note by pushing then immediately pulling out the sound is definitely different, especially noticeable on left side buttons. Trying Chris' method #2 playing the lowest note on left hand side pulling in and out I can definitely here the difference of the sound one way is a higher pitch than the other way. I wonder if the difference can be heard over a phone. Thanks, Mike
  4. Width measures 6.00" across the metal end plates, and with the bellows collapsed 5.75" long.
  5. The lower pitch reeds are definitely on LH side (the side without Jeffries name). I'm still not sure if note changes when going from pull to push. I'm trying to find someone with a musical ear. Thanks for all your interest and help Mike
  6. I have added picture of left hand end view on the post. That side has a button where the hole is on the right hand end. Looking through the fretwork on right hand end there is no lever or air valve hole or hole pad that the left hand end has. When I change direction of bellows movement from pulling to compressing with a button depressed the sound changes, but I'm not sure if it is a different note.
  7. Paul, Thanks so much for all the information! You have been very helpful. Mike
  8. I HAVE LISTED CONCERTINA ON EBAY STARTING PRICE $4000, LISTING TO START 7/14/13 3AM, DETROIT TIME I have a antique Jeffries concertina for sale. It was my grandfathers, and eventually handed down to me, I don't think he every played it he had it just for collecting. I don't know don't know anything about concertinas I can try to answer any questions you might have, and send any additional pictures. Bellows appears to hold air, buttons seam to work, a few of them spring back slowly after being pressed in. I'm not sure what the price should be, so I'm hoping this post will help me out. Thank you, Mike More Informtion on concertina: Concertina is an Anglo Key is probably B flat, I will be taking it to a local concertina dealer to find out the exact key. Mike, Grosse Pointe, Michigan
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