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  1. I do agree entirely about the cost issues around the instrument. The big issue for me is the whole debate on beginner vs "pro" instruments. As a melodeon player, i'm well away that a £200 melodeon is likely to be unplayable, however a second hand £400 or £500 is likely to actually be quite reasonable, and many people never feel the need to move on to a £1500 (or more) Castagnari. However, with the concertina, there does not appear to be any middle ground. Second hand I can find a cheap concertina for £100, a second hand Rochelle for around £200, but then nothing until I hit around £1000. From my position this gives me a very tricky decision. Do I go with the cheap option, for my daughter to try out the instrument, knowing that the instrument would probably only be good for a years playing, and potentially lose money on the resale? Or do I try and find £1000 to tie up for an indefinite period in an instrument, knowing that I would be able to resell without losing money (assuming she was carefull with it!) With the Melodeon, I could happily spend £400 and get an instrument I could resell, but would also be good enough for several years playing. I guess it's what comes with the territory of less commercial instruments, but i'm not sure there's an easy answer! Paul
  2. Sorry, forgot to ask in the post above! As well as the Rochelle, I've been offered a Hohner (30 key metal ended). The Hohner being the slightly cheaper of the 2, but similar. Any thoughts on which is the better instrument?
  3. Unfortunately "where in the world" this time, means Gloucestershire, England. So while I like the idea of rental, I've not heard any anywhere offering that service in the UK. G/D would be the preference, purely because I play G/D concertina, so playing along, and helping my daughter would be much simpler if we're in the same keys, rather than complicated playing cross rows on the concertina. Initially music would be mainly English, so also makes more sense key wise. However from the looking around I've done to date, there are obviously many more 30 key G/C boxes available, so might end up going that way. I have been offered a Rochelle which is tempting, however 90% of people I've talked to say I should just go straight for a more expensive instrument which will then keep its resale value, and be much better to play..
  4. My daughter is interested in learning to play the concertina. Does anyone have a suitable 30 key instrument available for a young beginner? G/C or preferably D/G? Thanks Paul
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