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  1. I know I'm a "new" member, but I've lurked here for ages. This community was so helpful when I was learning to play and helped me with my final decision to purchase this instrument from The Button Box.
  2. Sorry for the lack of photos and detailed information, but I'm trying to gauge interest in my 30 button Anglo Geuns-Wakker. It's serial number 110, purchased from The Button Box in 2013 for $2400. Amboyna ends, absolutely gorgeous, beautiful sound and I love it. Sadly, life has presented some challenges that make playing not in the cards right now. If anyone might be interested, I'll provide photos and any other info I can. Of course, donation will be made to the site if a sale is made. Thank you for reading this and I do hope that this gorgeous instrument gets in the hands of someone who will love it and play it more regularly than I've been able to.
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