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  1. Actually, if you want a real thrill, you should try my Harley Sportster 1200...bored to 1275, 43mm carb bigger exhaust, and somewhat lightened. It'll eat the old Bonnie alive, and keeps up nicely with just about any cruiser or standard type bike around. Crotch rockets are a different story....I'm too old to be ridiing around in that position, anyway...


    We now return you to your regularly scheduled topic thread! :rolleyes:

  2. I've recieved looks for smelling a concertina first


    This was so far off the topic I thought we should start a new thread... when I recieved my Jackie (and still today) it smells strongly of something....is it cedar?

    It rather reminds me of a cedar chest my parents had....or perhaps that was just mothballs? :blink: Anyway, it was quite pleasant, but I can't place what it is! Any thoughts?



  3. Greg, in my heart I'd like to have my old Triumph back, but not in my head. That thing leaked oil...have mercy.


    Mine has never had a rebuild (It's on the list) and it leaks about 1 Tbsp of oil a month. Less, actually if I ride it often. It's a solid, rideable 2-kick bike. I still keep a modern bike, and newer cars in addition to my TR6 and my '66 Imperial convertible....if I had to give any up, I would definitely keep the modern gear. :(

  4. To my way of thinking, Jeff has a fine point...I own both modern (1 year old) and vintage (1970's) vehicles....as Jim Lucas suggest they ALL require maintanence, but the older ones are frankly, money pits, regardless of brand and quality. Also: at 2am, in a rainstorm, and running late...which would YOU take you wife to the hospital in? Sometimes vintage just isn't practical (an me an antiques dealer!)



  5. I wonder if he really plays one or if it is simply a prop?


    It was definitely a prop in that sequence. At one point he only had one hand on it, but with the manic routine he was doing, I don't see how anyone could have been really playing. I couldn't tell what sort it was, but he DID have his hands in the correct position....coming from his Vaudeville background, I wouldn't surprised if he did play.


    Really, I was thinking more about how many times I had seen a "subliminal" concertina. I don't remember many pop-culture instances, but now that my awareness has been expanded, I'm seeing more and more.

  6. The wife and I just re-watched "Mary Poppins" last night! I had never noticed before that Dick Van Dyke plays concertina during his "one man band" scene in the opening minutes of the movie....I guess I've never noticed how many times I saw a concertina until I bought one. Strange phenomena, isn't it?



  7. Congrats!!!


    Here's just a few thoughts on the subject:


    re: business cards; I had some rather classy ones done by www.vistaprint.com. They are $9.95/500 mailed to your door if you let them put a small and unobtrusive webaddress on the back. They also offer postcards (which we have used to announce our craft show schedule to our mailing list members) that can be made to match your business cards for a "signature look".


    re: demo CD's...if you plan to burn your own cd's there is a label - making program that will print a decal that fits onto the actual CD... they CAN'T lose your name and address unless they lose the disk! I forget the name of the program ( I never use it) but it's loaded on my PC at home. If interested, write and I'll give you all the pertinent info.


    Good luck!!



  8. Our bag man wished that I had taken some photos


    There's another phrase that translates badly....in the US a "bag man" is the term for the robber who carries the money during a getaway.


    I won't tell you how badly I was surprised the first time I was in the UK and someone asked me to give them a fag.....



  9. mine is the sunroom on the back of our house. When you open the windows the breeze floats through, and you have a lovely view of the yard, bird feeders, and the little woods beyond. I have been out there noodling around with chords recently, and it just seems peaceful.





    edited for spelling

  10. Maybe we could turn it into a Midwest Squeeze-in.  :)


    Don't tempt me! I've been searching the 'net for concertina events in Indy, and have come up with Contra dancing as the closest thing I can find. I'll have to see if they know of other events not listed electronically....wouldn't it be cool to have a Midwestern event???? Heck, we could have it at MY HOUSE! Plenty of on-street parking, and the neighbors already hate me!!! B)



  11. I'm confused now. You seem to have two lines of argument blurred into one. 1) People with lots of concertinas are responsible for the price of good instruments going up; 2) My cheap (insert own value for "cheap" here) instrument is plenty good enough for me, I don't need to pay more, so I won't buy a more expensive concertina.


    I don't think I made myself clear....in fact, I'm sure. Yes, I think that hoarders help drive prices higher, as do "professional" players. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with that ! You just have to know whether you can run with the big dogs or not. I can't, I don't, no sale...if enough people feel the same, eventually the market will stratify into junk, and overpriced nice pieces.... IMHO!

  12. Just one other thing, refering to how much difference it would make if one or two people were to reduce their collections. To draw a parallel, would anyone stop recycling their refuse because their bit would make no difference


    I can't speak for the "collectors here, and I do subscribe to the "every little bit counts" theory; however, in practice I literally HAVE stopped recycling, as there is no longer anywhere convenient to recycle for free. I simply refuse to pay someone to resell my trash at a profit! Concertinas (and most things) are the same story; if they are inexpensive, I'll play.. If they continue to rise in price, I'll find another game. Passion (at least for me) must be tempered with economic logic. Example: I'd love to own a Ferrari, but a Triumph will have to do. I know there will always be a core following of wealthy concertina collectors or professional players who want or need thes high-end instruments sufficiently to pay for them....I just have to realize I can't play in their leagues. That means I keep my Jackie (no pain there!) and NOT upgrade....thereby lowering overall demand, and eventually affecting prices and profitability overall....


    Just my.02!

  13. Spam - it's not just for breakfast any more! Actually, it's not just for e:mail either, as I get unsolicited stock tips, low interest mortgage offers and Viagra discounts every morning via my work-issued Nextell. :angry:

  14. How long have you been playing an English?


    Sorry to take so long to respond! We've been busy as one-armed paperhangers these days! I have actually been playing for 2 days.... :P


    Perhaps after I improve enough to be fit for human consumption, we can get together sometime. I have family in Dayton, and I'm over there pretty regularly anyway. I actually get over to Columbus about once or twice a year, as you have the AMA motorcycle hall of fame and museum...



  15. Actually, I'm pretty centered over the buttons...it's all in trying to play a progression of notes and re-hit a previous key once the finger leaves "home"...D on the right hand, for example is fine to start a tune, then I hit an A with the same finger, and miss D on my way back....it probably all comes down to practice!


    As for the bellows, I find I get a lot more notes on a pull than I can fit into a push. Am I probably pushing too hard/fast? I was trying to be quiet, as the wife was trying to sleep, so perhaps that influenced things.


    Meanwhile, I was out on my porch doing honking, beginner scale excercises when I looked up and realized that my neighbors were having a showing of their house to a couple of prospective buyers! :P There goes the neighborhood! (They asked me not to fire up the motorcycles, but didn't say anything about concertina!!)



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