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  1. I was at the Springfield ,OH flea market this weekend and nearly succumbed to an old 20b Bastari Anglo in rough shape. The seller wanted $75, but was willing to haggle a little. I had a go on it, and discovered holes in the bellow, and 2buttons that made no noise at all (broken valve?)...so I passed. Also, my wife would have killed me....I did pick up a couple concertina figurines, however. I'll post pix as soon as I can!




    PS- what do the experts here think would have been a good price? What do you think the repairs would have run me? (I appreciate the info!)

  2. If this fretwork keeps it's secret, maybe you've got one with another riddle in it?


    I still don't see those letters.....I do, however, see the wrod "Coors" to the left of the finger rest....

  3. When I hit the battlefield, I like to use my trusty concertina like a flail, hence my devotion to a strap.


    I've been known to flail about trying to play concertina, and I'm always strapped.... :(



    PS - I'm of German/English descent...I'll get all drunk on Bitter and go Berserk on you!

  4. his little treble concertina?!!



    silly picture with the pasted-on face


    First you make fun of the size of his concertina, then you call him pasty-faced...you tryin' to pick a fight or something? :D




    Edited to correct my excruciatingly poor typing.

  5. Sorry but I now have a mental image of a vet looking somewhat loke a jelly-fish.


    NOT exactly what I meant.... I was thinking that they have to dispose of carcasses anyway....


    My Canadian wife and her mother were confused when I was giving directions, and said to "pass the Vet's Cemetary"...The MIL thought "vetrinarians" and the wife thought "Vettes"....should have taught me phrase things properly then, I suppose.

  6. Well, it was the man's wife who said it !


    Well, then you KNOW it was an exaggeration! :D


    I once painted a motorcycle frame in the basement, resulting in some fumes leaking into the house...my wife accused me of "trying to kill the whole family"! Clearly, a feminine tendancy toward alarmist behavior!

  7. Now you're scaring me!


    Just what do you hold up with that neck strap?



    Well, the larger the object, the greater cumulative force gravity exerts on it....








    Seriously, I was just trying to support my Homie, Jeff...he takes a lot of tweaking over his opinions, and when we agree, I like to make it known. When we don't agree, I keep quiet, because Jim and Stephen will already be teasing him anyway! I actually do use a neckstrap, because I am still turning pages in a tutorial as I practice. I've played guitar, bass clarinet, and saxophone, so it seems natural to me. Yo, Jeff...word to yo' mutha!

  8. Let the record state that I do own a kilt.


    You're scaring me a little here.....


    I wear it to Ren. fests


    Now you're really scaring me.....


    Maybe I should get a picture of me in my kilt


    Appearing soon on www.hotkiltboys.com!!!!


    Seriously, I often use a neckstrap, but never a kilt. I'm pretty sure society is safer that way. I just ain't pretty!

  9. It seems all oaths in Quebec have to do with the church


    Yes, my wife has inadvertantly taught me one in particular, but I couldn't spell it even were it polite to do so!


    I hope you are not approximating a Parisian accent.


    Actually, I sound (to my untrained ear) somewhere between a dockworker and Maurice Chevalier...it's pretty obvious I "ain't from around these here parts" when I'm up there.


    Why a pickle?


    Well, I like pickles for one thing...also, it's just one of those words that stick in my head easily.

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