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  1. There is a simple explanation. I purchased this concertina from Kurt via his posting approximately 9 months ago. It never occurred to me that someone would think the new for sale ad was a scam. I posted the same photo he posted originally, and reused much of his wording since it accurately described the instrument. When I purchased it, I appreciated his inclusion of the link to the maker's blog with photos, so I also included that link. I've not taken the time to learn to play it, and, (like Kurt), decided to sell it. I will be happy to send current photos if someone is interested in purchasing the instrument. RickD
  2. Greetings. I have an Edgley concertina for sale in the key of C/G. It is the professional model and it is less than two years old. It has the angled reed pans, seven fold leather bellows and has the Wheatstone layout. It includes a Fallon case. It is smooth and plays well. The wood is Ebony with Maple trim. The ends are stainless steel and everything on it is in perfect shape. Frank took better pictures on his blog and it is posted for July of 2011. The address is : http://edgleyconcertinas.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html It is number 343. I am asking $2200 shipped insured in the U.S. I will ship overseas if desired but would have to charge for the extra shipping I have not taken the time to learn to play this instrument. In addition, I will include: Niall Vallely’s Concertina CD Tutorial Betram Levy’s “Anglo Concertina Demystified" book with 2 CDs Frank Edgley’s “How to Play the Anglo Concertina” DVD
  3. How old is this concertina? Are there any known issues that need to be repaired?
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