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  1. Hi Gary, Thanks for the advice -Trawler
  2. Hi all I'm new to the concertina and fairly new to music theory too (as it relates to chords, at any rate). I have a beginner's guide that lists about a dozen chords for my 20-button Anglo (C Major, G Major, E Minor, G (inversion), D Minor, G Major, D Major, F Major, A Minor, G (inversion) B minor, A Minor). I noted that there are two chords listed as A Minor which have different fingerings but sound the same. My question is - are there more chords for a 20-button Anglo? Is that an exhaustive list? The reason I ask is because I have some sheet music (I play tin whistle in a local folk orchestra) and there are chords in that with names like G, D and C. Never having had to look at chords before I have no idea what I'm looking at. Is G the same as G Major, for example? My (admittedly very basic) understanding of a chord is that is is made up of 3 (or more) notes, with the lowest note being the 'base' note - for instance G in a G Major chord - and the the subsequent notes are at third intervals. Can anyone help a very confused beginner? Thank you! -Trawler
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