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Italian Film Music


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Has anyone run across a source for Italian Film music? I'm particularly taken with the blind accordionist used by, I think, Fellini and his music which often ends the films. I don't have much of an ear and am at a loss to pick it up.

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Hey Jimprints


These would be the only three places I would know where to look:

1. http://us.imdb.com/find?s=char&q=accor...amp;x=9&y=6

2. http://www.accordionlinks.com/arts.cfm#movies

3. http://www.mediarare.com/MRFilmSq.html


Good Luck




My God! What a number of sources! It will keep me busy for a while. By-the-way I used to live in W.PA- taught at IUP.

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