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For Sale: Bastari 40-button C/G Anglo Concertina

Eric Lerner

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I’ve owned this instrument since it was nearly new, sometime in the 1980s.  Somehow, over the years, I’ve bought too many concertinas.  It’s time to shrink the collection.  This is a 40-button C/G Bastari Anglo in sound playable condition.  I've uploaded a bunch of pics here -- https://eu.zonerama.com/EricLerner1/Album/11014811   and a video of me playing a tune on this instrument here -- https://youtu.be/kt9ZXt6NNdo   .


In 2015, Doug Creighton of the Button Box appraised it for insurance purposes with a replacement value then of $920.  He wrote --

>Make: Bastari
>Approx date: 1980's
>Description: Anglo-chromatic system concertina; 40-key, C/G, flat metal ends, metal buttons, accordion-type reeds and 7-fold >leather bellows. Wheatstone note layout. With hardshell case.
>Condition: Good.


The condition has not changed since then.  Doug incorrectly said 7-fold bellows.  It’s really a six-fold bellows -- but it holds more air than most.  The bellows shows some wear at the corners, but it is airtight.  7” across face plates.  21 buttons on right, plus air button.  19 buttons on left, including C/C drone.  Weight = 1400g / 3lb2oz without case, 5 lb 11 oz with case.


The buttons are designed to go down flush with face plate when pressed, lower than on many instruments.  But they do not stick.  


The case was not designed as a concertina case.  It’s a decorative wooden box with a hinged lid that fits the instrument rather well.  It is sturdy, but is unpadded.  It closes with a fake buckle that hides a snap closer that is not secure.  I secure it with a separate Velcro strap, which I’ve included.  (See pics.)


I’d sell this for $1000 plus $25 shipping to a USA address by USPS priority mail.  No international shipping.  I expect to make an appropriate donation to concertina.net after this sells.


Bastari 2.jpg

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