For those of you who aren't familiar with the name - Christoph is one of the corner stones of Balfolk music in Central Europe. He's a well read, versatile, humorous, warm and emphatic human being, plays pretty much every instrument known in the balfolk scene and is also an enormously productive tune writer. There are huge collections of his tunes available. He writes about them: "So my tunes can all be used free of charge and I would be pleased if they got played. You can do whatever you like with them, change them, find your own variations and harmonies. If you want to record one of my melodies, I simply request that you attribute it tom me and send me a copy of the CD."   I have recorded one of his tunes on my soundcloud collection:   soundcloud link   (of course including all the imperfections and shortcomings implied by my limited abilities as a musician).   It's a very witty tune, and pure fun to play!   And yes, there is a chord change I keep missing in the D part (in the repetiotin short before the rhythm change, there should be a Bb instead of a Gm). I know, but my fingers refuse to learn that... I keep working on it.