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Mustafa Umut Sarac

Many octaves from only one pair of octave apart bandoneon reeds and Nano Bandoneon Harmonica with gun trigger pitch control

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Hello there,


I researched 3 subjects in last 6 years, Bandoneon , Harmonica and Jews Harp.


I saw a russian jews harp invention where lamella pitch and vibrating lenght was adjustable with a gun trigger like apparatus. 


Gun trigger controlled apparatus was changing the vibrating lenght of lamella.


I thought it would be possible to do the same to one pair of longest bandoneon reeds. Reeds could be made from zinc and nano coated for moisture and there would be a resonator from laser cut plywood , comb would be 3d printed and you can change the pair of bandoneon reeds vibrating lenght with gun trigger. You can blow and draw like an harmonica.

I read some harmonica players can play a diatonic harmonica in 12 keys. This can be possible also. And what is wrong to use two pairs or 10 pairs ? But let keep it simple and nano sized.

Production is easy with 3d printers and zinc plate can be machined by laser or water jet. Nanocoating can be done with violin varnish.


Mustafa Umut Sarac


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Lets talk about enginering.

Please answer as you like .


What is the longest bandoneon reed lenght ?

What would be the lenght of octave apart cousin ?

What would be the thickness of zinc ?

What would be the widths of the reeds ?

What would be the 3d printed combs margin around the one reed ?

What would be the distance of two reeds ?

What would be the airtight gap tolerance and margin of the comb ?

Where can I find desired thickness of the zinc plate ?

What would be the air volume around the two reeds ?


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