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Rare Edeophone Baritone

wim wakker

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For sale is a rare Lachenal Edeophone baritone from ca. 1925, amboyna ends with gold plated keys/fittings.

The instrument originally comes from my own collection, and was sold earlier this year to the current owner who recently passed away. I am assisting the family with the sale.


Instrument history
As a (former) professional classical concertinist, I have owned many concertinas over the last 30 years. Through the process of buying, restoring and selling, I selected the best instruments for myself, and would replace them when I found a better one. Over 500 instruments have gone through this process.

I acquired this baritone in the late 90s, it replaced 2 Aeola baritones. It was my principle baritone for many chamber music concerts, radio and studio recordings, including TV documentaries in Europe.


The instrument is a maintained ‘old restoration’, meaning that the after the original restoration in the late 90s, it has been professionally service, tuned, and calibrated at least once a year, until 2008. Since then it has been kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment with the rest of my vintage collection. Because it has not been played much lately, reed tension has diminished and will need to be build up again. In the current reed setup and voicing, I expect it to be at peak performance in ca. 50 hours playing.

The amboyna veneers show some hairline cracks, which is normal for aged amboyna. The face plate foundation does not show any damage. The ends are solid and stable. There is the usual amboyna veneer replacement/discoloring. The ends are french polished, without ‘moisture guard’.

The instrument has an original RIVETED action, mahogany soundboard, and sycamore reed pans. Bellows are in great condition.


Technical data:
- weight: 4.87 lbs
- key travel/padlift: > 3.5/>8mm
- key pressure: <80 gr.
- compression: > 3500 gr (> 100%)
- chamber airflow spread: 35%
- reed response airflow: 30 fpm
- Key tip weight: min. 4/max 7gr.
- bellows: closed/open tension 800/600gr
- bellows tension free travel: 66%

Price: $5900


My role is limited to the technical aspect of the instrument. The Concertina Connection Inc. is not involved in the sale, this is a private sale.
However, after the sale, we will take responsibility for the instrument which be covered by our (Concertina Connection Inc.) standard one year “Vintage restoration” warranty on parts and labor.











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