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Lachenal 24 Button Rosewood


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This is a 24 Button Lachenal (on 2 rows), Rosewood ended, 5 fold bellows, Bone Buttons in CG with Steel Reeds


The extra buttons follow standard X row


Left hand push pull G#A# (on end of C row) Right hand push pull C#D# (on beginning of C row)

Left hand push pull AG reversals (on end of G row) Right hand push pull AG reversals next octave (on beginning G row)


Some minor wear but not drastic (photos lit to over emphasis) no cracks or major repairs, original bellows, (few small patches 1cm approx. on bottom of bellows) can be seen in last pics.


Checked over and tuned by John Connor mid 2014

New pads and springs by Mike Acott 2012 ? new Straps and Strap buttons by me 2013

Has standard pine/brown paper case sticky tape on edges but still protects (blocked in bottom so bellows don't distort)


will sell for £500 + Postage next day UK Europe


If your not already playing a 3 row this system makes a nice logical leap on the 20 button and doesn't take a great deal of getting used to, creates a style of its own.


All the Best mory

PM me please if interested






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