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Crabb Concertina For Sale(South Africa)


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Info I have about this concertina...


Geoff Crabb has replied. The instrument was made in 1951 and was one of 12 made for J.E. Dallas. Presumably he was an instrument seller in South Africa.
As I thought, Geoff describes it as a ‘very basic model’, but just being a Crabb gives it some value. I would think it would go for £1000+ at auction provided it is in reasonable condition.

The serial number is 10679 made in england.It is a 31.


I am looking for a buyer. Any takers?post-11176-0-01950500-1398335853_thumb.jpgpost-11176-0-01950500-1398335853_thumb.jpgpost-11176-0-01950500-1398335853_thumb.jpgpost-11176-0-63343900-1398335865_thumb.jpgpost-11176-0-50787800-1398335877_thumb.jpgpost-11176-0-17389900-1398335892_thumb.jpg

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