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Wakker W-A1 C/g Concertina Fs


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I bought three expensive Anglo concertinas about a year ago, this Wakker and two Wheatstones, just to compare and decide which one I liked best. I resold one of the Wheatstones and spent this last year learning to play, comparing the two, and deciding which one I wanted to keep. Being kind of a mellow guy, I've decided to keep the old Wheatstone because this Wakker is just a little too loud for me. It WILL hold its own in a session though--which I rarely play in.


This Wakker W-A1 C/G Anglo concertina is like new. Made in 2007 while Wim was still in The Netherlands, it was custom ordered with several extras like all leather bellows (7 folds), a drone, and raised ends. According to the price list on the Wakker website, and with all options, it comes to a total of $5600 USD. This one is in perfect working condition and has basically never been played. In fact, it may well be the black W-A1 pictured on his website. With a radial reed pan, metal keys, and finest hand made reeds available in todays technology, it sounds as good or better than any 1st quarter century Wheatstone concertina I've ever played. http://www.wakker-concertinas.com/A-1.htm


Here's a video I made showing the concertina and case.




I don't expect to get full replacement value. Asking $4400 USD + shipping.

This is what I paid for it from the original owner.

Message me if interested

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