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Stagi Concertina C/g For Sale - Uk

SoSo Anglo Player

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30 button C/G Stagi Concertina for sale


Faithful Stagi for sale, my starter instrument. Sale includes standard concertina case. Works well and in very good condition. Has some of the usual Stagi vices, eg: bellows not finished very nicely, not 100% air tight (but close to 95%), action on some buttons not perfect. I have moved on to a Norman, but this will do a good job of getting someone else going with the Anglo. Sale from Peterborough UK. £275 ONO seem reasonable?, roughly double this new.









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Interested, but have a few questions:


When you say 'not airtight' does that mean the bellows itself is leaking? ..or would it be one or more of the pads?


Is the imperfect action something that can be adjusted or fixed?


Which layout for the 'accidental' row.. Wheatstone? Jeffries? or custom?


What would it cost to ship it to California?


How big is the Stagi, across the flats?


In your opinion how does it compare to the Rochelle Anglo?





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Dear Matt


Dimensions - 16cm from one hexagonal face to the opposite. And 26cm long bellows folded, including handles

Wheatstone layout

The imperfect action is buttons getting stuck down, they can be released by hand, and is pretty infrequent, I'm sure a service from a competent concertina techy would sort.

Airtight, I think its most likely the bellows, not quite sure how you diagnose if its this or pads, but the thing has enough air to play

Comparison to Rochelle - well I've never played a Rochelle and so the forums could answer this for you I suspect, but looking at the Rochelle on line its clearly made in a very similar way, I should think its a shop specific model of a Stagi, but its not quite the same model, the one I have is a bit fancier with the in lay and ends, but mechanically I would guess they are pretty close.

USA postage looks about £60


Hope thats some way to answering you questions

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