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Concertina Sighting!

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Hello all! In case any of you remember me, I've not fallen off the face of the Earth for real--yet!

I'm just popping in to say that I had an unexpected concertina sighting last Monday at my college here in Western North Carolina! A gentleman from the Button Box was visiting, as his daughter is a prospective student, and joined in the weekly lunchtime session. I had every intention of eating lunch as quickly as possible, saw an English concertina and ended up running up hill in the rain to fetch mine and join in. That pretty much made my entire day, along with the free opera books at the library. :D

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... along with the free opera books at the library. :D


What are you doing with them then?


Well, I got one that was Gilbert and Sullivan plays (including Pirates of Penzance), and another that is entitled "Music in America" or something ambiguous like that. I intend to maybe learn a few tunes from the latter, and the former I have plans of perusing and quite possibly using to pressgang some friends into joining me for impromptu musical theatre involving pirates. What else?

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I liked it too. It was a rainy day, which isn't so bad in and of itself, but it was a final straw in an already stressful week. Seeing another concertina made it a good day instead of a crappy one.


And while we're on the subject of concertinas making the world a better place, one of my friends was writing a paper on the Wheatstone bridge the other day, so I brought my computer in and played the English International CD collection at him while we studied. Then another friend came in and told me that concertina playing is a Big Deal in her family, as a lot of them play concertinas. What. What even. Another would-be stressful and terrible evening transformed into a reasonably enjoyable time by our favorite free reed instrument. Huzzah!

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