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Lachenal Concertina for sale

Chris Hailstone

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Lachenal concertina for sale


A 31-button metal ended ebony Lachenal C/G Anglo Concertina with 7-fold bellows, serial number 180884.


The instrument has recently been received back from Colin Dipper fully refurbished, tuned to A=440, and with new dark blue leather bellows and it sounds and looks magnificent. It is a compact instrument, measuring five and a half inches across the ends.


It has ebony woodwork and metal fretwork ends and metal buttons. It possibly dates between 1889 and 1915.

The button layout is the Wheatstone system.


Asking price of £3000.


Please email me on hailstone42@tiscali.co.uk for further information. I can send photographs and a copy of Colin Dippers invoice listing work done. This is the finest Lachenal concertina on sale at the moment and is perfect.


Chris Hailstone

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