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Tune: Prittlewell Polka


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Here is a tune I wrote the other night called 'Prittlewell Polka'



T:Prittlewell Polka






"G" G3 A | B2 G2 | "C" ec ec |"G" d2 B2 | G3 A | B2 G2 | "D" A2 G2 | "G" G4 :|


"G" g2 d2 | g2 d2 | "C" ec ec | "G" B2 G2 |1 g2 d2 | g2 d2 | "D" e2 cB | A4 :|2 "D" c2 A2 | A2 F2 | A2 G2 | "G" G4 ||


Feel free to play and share the tune. Comments welcome.

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Thanks, LDT - Several generations of my paternal grandmother's family (Garrards) came from Prittlewell, so I must learn this to add to my on-going "Family Album" recording project! :)


Cool. Glad you like it. :)

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