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Non-Whitby Session 25/08/10 nr Goole

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For anyone not going to Whitby, the usual fortnightly tunes session will still be happening (led by myself). A good opportunity to swap a tune, talk concertinas and try the pub with the world's longest name -


Jemmy Hirst At The Rose And Crown

Rawcliffe, nr. Howden,

East Yorkshire DN14 8RN

01405 831038


Hopefully see you there after 8pm for English, Irish, Northumbrian tunes on concertina

(and great beer - beer-menu at http://jemmyhirst.freeservers.com/ ) and hopefully, I won't be lonely.

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6 musicians (including 2 anglos and 1 english) and 1 without instrument turned up for a "tunes you haven't played this year" session.

Offerings included 2 Osset beers, York Guzzler and a 6% russian stout from Barnsley.

Thanks to all.

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