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copyright on Web and EUroparl - just fyi

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The New Yahoo mail offers an option to send very large files (such as music video recordings) via Yousendit

Seem to be some interesting copyright issues in their terms and conditions including their having the right to your contact list, (non-exclusive) ownership and distribution of your material worldwide etc. etc. with various spatterings of "non-commercial"


Has anyone been paid-subscribing to Yousendit?

some bits:


This application lets you easily and securely send files up to 2GB in size, password protect files, request a return receipt, and even set file expiration dates. Finally an easy way to share your photos and videos!

This application was built by YouSendIt.


What am I sharing?


By adding the Attach Large Files application, you will be subject to YouSendIt's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Any email or other information you provide the Attach Large Files application can be used and stored by YouSendIt. Please click here for more info about using applications on Yahoo!.


You grant YouSendIt and Attach Large Files access to:

Obtain your Contacts data from Yahoo! Contacts.

Read mail headers

Read access to your public and shared Profile information is being requested.



Shared and Public Folders


By placing a User File in your public folder, you hereby grant to all other YouSendIt users and the You should not place any User File in your public folder unless you want members of the general public to be able to use that User File.



Ownership of User Files


As used herein "User Files" means the content, files and folders (including any information or data therein) users may access, store, send, receive, edit, sync, share, or otherwise organize or manage, and to which users may append electronic signatures, via use of the Services, including User Content; and "User Content" means the text, information or other content posted or submitted by users on the Site.


YouSendIt does not claim any ownership rights in any User Files that you make available through the Services. However, by making User Files available through the Services, you grant YouSendIt the nonexclusive, worldwide, transferable right, on a royalty-free basis, with a right to sublicense this right only to third parties assisting YouSendIt in providing the Services to use, copy, distribute and process User Files through the Services on your behalf and on behalf of your customers for the purposes of providing you with the Services and administering your requests, including without limitation, facilitating the secure storage, transfer, and delivery of such User Files.


You represent and warrant that you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents and permissions to grant the licenses that both your public and shared folders requir



Responsibility for User Files


You acknowledge and agree that YouSendIt may establish revised practices and policies concerning access to and use of the Services, including without limitation, the maximum size of the User Files that a user may access and use via the Services as contemplated herein, the maximum number of days that User Files will be stored by the Services, the maximum number of times a user may access the Services in a given period of time, and the maximum number of recipients to which a user may send a User File.


.........Accordingly, you represent and warrant that: (i) you either are the sole and exclusive owner of all User Files that you make available through the Services or you have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary to grant YouSendIt the rights in such User Files, as contemplated under these Terms of Service; and (ii) neither the User Files nor your uploading, storing, accessing or transmittal of the User Files, or YouSendIt’s use of the User Files on, through or by means of the Services, will infringe, misappropriate or violate a third party’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights or other intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy, or result in the violation of any applicable law or regulation.

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YouSendIt’s Copyright Policy


You will not use the Services to transmit, route, or provide connections to, or store any material that infringes any copyrights or otherwise violates or promotes the violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party.


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'Unfair [bBC] royalties' force Welsh musicians to strike




and how not to earn a living:

New (from Dec 15 2011) BBC 'Radio 4 Extra'(1.6 million listeners) rates per minute


Original scripts GBP3.00

Dramatisations (incl. translation) GBP1.85

Source works GBP 1.25

Abridgements GBP 0.80.



sound Studio Technical Operator BBC Wales


Salary grade 7L


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Google Inc. (GOOG) could face a fresh round of criticism from European watchdogs after a French regulator reports on whether changes to its privacy policy violate data-protection rules.


And I hear from InsightandMind that on opening the youtube account it has begun showing all of Tallships favourite videos as well as his performances -- shocking (the exposure of his privacies not the quality of his playing !)

You may already know Google has been cleverly attaching people's home piccies to people they are in email contact with at work etc etc......



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Sorry K don' unnerstan'...


can you paraphrase for those of us of antedeluvian aspect please? I'm sure it affects me but I'm not quite clear what's going on.


(And did I kickstart a resurgence of interest in the Londonderry air by the way?)

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Sorry K don' unnerstan'...


can you paraphrase for those of us of antedeluvian aspect please? I'm sure it affects me but I'm not quite clear what's going on.


(And did I kickstart a resurgence of interest in the Londonderry air by the way?)

Nema problema.

You record Londonderry Air (alas u doing yr culture of the personality again -- this time it weren't you got the ball rolling but it was recorded at one of the slots in the Swaledale concert in May this year). Anyway...


You put it up on YOutube.

The sound scanners pick up the melody and label it Danny Boy (which of course uses the older tune Londonderry Air).


Rumblefish or the weird outfit in US which sounds like one of the UK musics rights collecting societies, then send you a message saying: We have the copyright or are acting on behalf of the copyright holder on that music you put it.

The phrasing that follows is meant to put you off complaining, you maye lose yr uploaud facilities, your youtube account ARE YOU SURE YOU WISH TO PROCEEED WITH THIS ....


Most people scuttle away. Then Google pays these outfits money everytime your recording is played back.


BUT it is really you who should be getting any revenue from that, not these shysters, because although the score may by 200 years YOUR recording is brand new and YOU have copyright as you played THAT version of the out of date dots. If your version of DB or LD or your real favourite the Lost Chord (LoL) become the version which everyone looks at on youtube when looking for those, and you start to get 10s of 1000s of hits, then Google will start sticking ads from companies on your video (and that of course is where the commission comes from for these shysters (who frightened 'one' off) as they claim your video revenues.


go back and look at the attachments and you will see what I sent them in the formula and you will see the response which says they have 'released' their claim - that is stopped claiming copyright). And so the third party copyright claim on InsightandMind's account for that video has now been removed/disappeared.


Have tried before to get lawyer contacts out of Google but it fobs you off and then says it has nothing to do with Google, contact the rights' claimers ..... but there are no addresses for these mysterious outfits.


For anyonje else reading this I won't leave the response attachment up for ever as it is rather large - so you can copy and save if you want.


and BTW - always keep screen shots of these things - they are your evidence for later.

Just as we ALL always do a screen shot of dodgy concertinas from fleabay so others can see what the dodgy tina looked like before we report it and the photo disappears so you cannot recognise it next time it comes around...



AND the latest thrilling instalment - they have tried to claim copyright on the all night jam in the lounge at Grinton Hall.. This time for Radio Polka. Anyone recall which Radio Polka that might be.. there are hundreds of polkas on radio!


It is said to be a Harry Fox composition, but it is also being claimed by the Harry Fox Agency (a rights claimer which allows you to play music on school buses if you pay for the licence). We presumably would not be licensed to have fun, sitting in the back seat a kisssing and hugging with Fred.....singing of course.


(See attachment for more screen shots)

oh dear - my 1Mb plus 900kb has turned into

Used 9.93MB of your 9.77MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 1.95MB)


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Thanks K; most enlightening. That really is a racket isn't it?


I bet it makes lots of unwarranted money too.


"Have tried before to get lawyer contacts out of Google but it fobs you off and then says it has nothing to do with Google, contact the rights' claimers ..... but there are no addresses for these mysterious outfits." OOh! I'm really surprised at that one etc etc...

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I bet it makes lots of unwarranted money too.



yup - yr talking big bucks.

Which is why insightandmind goes in and reopens the uploaded youtube file and apart from making it unlisted, removes all the option boxes: embedding, allowing to be voted on, commmented on etc

BUt I found last week they have put "syndication" in there BUT you cannot turn it off. I think previously it said allow/do not allow syndication/embedding on radio and tv.

I have not been able to refuse the present "syndication" nor can I find a note about its import.


In other words aggregators and resellers will try to flog on (syndicate) to other advertising payers in differrent languages, zones, product areas....

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