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Found 2 results

  1. For Sale: Dickinson Wheatstone 36 key treble English concertina number 60024. Steel reeds, concert pitch, recently re-valved and fine-tuned by Concertinas UK. Excellent condition. £1650 plus £20 carriage (UK only) For further information see the Concertina Museum Collection Ref:C-114, and the Concertina Doctor 7th April 2022. It is a lovely instrument, the sound is full and rich but not at all harsh. Great feel and action, it is the most comfortable and user-friendly EC I have ever played, with all the notes that I use and without the high ones that I don’t. The images show that the condition is great, with hardly a blemish, and the bellows have no scuffing or wear and still have the smell of new leather. It has metal ends, and the wooden frames are rippled oak veneer. Range is from the usual low G3 up to D6 (2 octaves and a fifth). No low G sharp on the RHS so no key for a low F (but there is of course a low A flat on the LHS). It has fittings for wrist straps. I bought it last year because it was a rare chance to own a concertina from one of the great modern makers and it has been a joy. The folk clubs closed during lockdown so I worked on some solo Bach - and it is ideal for that. Now that I can sing out again I will go back to a Lachenal that I have sung with for nearly four decades. The Dickinson is just too good to have as a spare on the shelf - that would be a crime. I live in East Devon, and will, of course, donate to cnet if it sells from this site. (Sound files to post, below).
  2. £ This is a Lachenal treble English concertina with wooden ends and metal buttons – 48-key. It has six-fold bellows with decorative papers. The ends have some sort of decorative inlay which I think is metal but cannot be certain. It has the Lachenal makers’ label but I have not been able to find a serial number on it. The instrument is very clean and tidy. It was completely restored about 40 years ago by a professional restorer based in Dorset – I cannot remember his name. He stopped doing restoration work many years ago, and the details are long lost. But in addition to new bellows it was repadded, resprung and had new valves. It was retuned and is in modern concert pitch. The reeds are steel. Since being restored it has been only lightly used, mostly playing at pub sessions, and has been well cared for. I like it but feel it is time to pass it on as I am playing far less than I used to. It plays well. I bought it as a wreck with no case. So it comes with a purpose-made wooden box lined with felt. I had a local restorer cast his eye over it before offering it for sale. He rectified two or three sticky reeds and retuned a couple of others. So it is offered in good working order. The attached pictures will hopefully give a better impression of its condition than any number of words. Please feel free to message for any additional information. I had little idea about its value but have been told it ought to be worth around £1100. So I’ll make that the starting point and we can see if there is any interest. My location is South Yorkshire.
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