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Found 3 results

  1. Greeting to you all where ever you are in the World. Thank you for allowing me to join your Forum. A quick bit of background on me: a. in my whole life I had never played a musical instrument, not even a piano despite our family owning a upright French Metal framed Piano Circa late 1800's, that was there from the day I was born, for over 50 years of my 72 years alive. b. around 2012, on way back home after visiting the love of my life for +18 years, whom was yet again back in Hospital, I stopped at small 6 shop, shopping center; in Ringwood East, Victoria, Aust. for some food. Low and behold there was a new to me, Second Hand Collectables and Antique Treasure Chest Store that I could not resist looking it to. After wandering around for a while, this musical instrument caught my eye. I was in a locked cabinet. The owner got it out, I cautiously explored it. I own many unique antique things, some family heirlooms, others I bought during my World travels with work. I had retired and this item was expensive for me at time, being approx $300, which was a due car registration payment. However "It" called me as I cautiously tired to coax sounds from it. Bottom line I purchased this instrument with an over a number of months payment plan. I am led to understand is a French Flutina style circa 1860's ? made by or sold by W. Winrow & Sons Accordeon Makes, Hollow Stone, Nottingham UK. per a label I located inside it. It needs some TLC, and I have the life learnt practical skills to restore it. But I know there will be things Artisans that work with the materials the Bellows and Reeds are made of, can guide me about. FYI what is the safest and best long term methods and materials/chemicals that would not degrade nor react badly with the what materials this beautiful instrument is made from. I have started to read though the Forum posts last year and felt 2nd half of 2024 is now the time to allocate some hours/days to repair this instrument to playing order, then learn to play it over the next few years. I have fallen in love with the musical piece Comptine d'Un Autre Été, and wonder how this could sound with this instrument ? Of course the old adage of walk before your run applies, + my 72yo fingers are not as flexible as they were in my youth. I have attached some photos I took over 6 years ago; plus the link to my Imgur post from the time. Sorry for their poor quality, & I need to take some new photos with a better camera. Again thank you for looking at my post. https://imgur.com/a/ckQay
  2. Hi, Its my first post here. I'm guessing the readership here overlaps with that at Melodeon.net, where I posted a question similar to this one, but just in case here it is here. I did find flutina related discussion in this forum, so perhaps there is someone here with an answer to my question. I am planning to make a reproduction flutina, having valves on both sides of the keyboard, as in the attached picture. What I am not sure about is how a lifting action for the valves is achieved for those at the backside of the keyboard. I am thinking the levers for those valves must be hinged at the top part of the keyboard, although pictures available on the internet (all I have to go by) do not show this detail. I attached a rough sketch of a typical valve and lever mechanism for the front valves, and what I think the back valve mechanism might be. Is this right, or is there some more complicated mechanism involved. Any help, or pictures to show this detail, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Don
  3. needed 1.repacement bellows source 2.replcement valves source 3.replacenent mother of pearl buttons source 4..schemmatiic drawings/videos just s complete video of disassembly would be wonderfuil also bellows glue for attachment many thanks in advance! Conrad Bladey
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