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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all. I am new to the concertina world and own a Rochelle Anglo. Been playing for 4 months now and love it. I play it at least an hour daily, and use it when I visit folks in nursing homes, etc. Since I am a minister, I use it more than weekly with nursing home visits and visiting shut-ins at home. I do put it to work a lot. I don't know if transporting it has caused the problem below or not, but I do know of no rough events, just a lot of use. I had one problem and received advice from the Button Box folks when a note went out -- had a silent note, tapped the reed with a screwdriver lightly, and that fixed it. Now I have another problem. When I play a (first space at bottom of staff) F, the note plays but sounds distorted, as though I were pushing too much volume through a cheap speaker. The E has a little bit of this, but not as much. The notes might be slightly louder than other notes, I think. If i play with the left side (where the note is) aimed downward, the distortion is less than if I play that note upward. I keep the concertina on my right knee. Sometimes the note will sound cleaner. I tried putting a piece of paper under the reeds, or lifting the plastic strip and lightly touching a screwdriver to the reeds opposite to remove debris that might be causing this. I am not sure where the F reed itself is located. Is it on the top, next to the E? Or is it in the mid-section or bottom? My instincts tell me the top. Or might it not be the reeds at all? Or is one of the plastic strip flaps inappropriately vibrating?.Or might it be a bellows issue? Any help appreciated. I can get by playing, and I probably notice the distortion more than listeners. If necessary, I will call the Button Box folks again, but thought I would inquire first here. Thanks!
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