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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I am looking to sell on my hohner D20 20b anglo, as I am going to go ahead and upgrade to a Rochelle instead (mainly do Irish session). I bought it locally from someone who got it new, and then never played it. To my eyes and ears, it seems fine. All the buttons work, the bellows don't leak and according to my tuner, all the reeds are at the correct pitch. I have fooled around with it for a few weeks, but haven't played it much. Came with a soft gig bag. Asking $100, shipping to the lower 48 US included. More photos available, but I am a dead beginner, so all I can currently play is noise.
  2. The fifth instalment! https://youtu.be/mhbhU5qhDhY I talk about Dick Gossip's Reel which I have had to play in C but will soon be playing in its correct of D when I receive the Frank Edgely Professional CG that I have just purchased. My wife Jenny makes an unscheduled appearance!! No doubt this will feature in the next blog I do. Les
  3. Episode Four! I'm now 2 weeks into teaching myself the Anglo. https://youtu.be/N030nWaL-NM In today's blog I talk about (and play) two tunes - Boys Of The Town and The Lilting Banshee. I also discuss a bit of DIY tuning of my Rosetti Rambler!!
  4. https://youtu.be/NYjazS8P3Z4 Ok, here's my second "vlog" which includes the lovely Irish tune "Maggie In The Woods". Tabs and charts to be found at www.daddylongles.com Go to "Concertina Music".
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