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  1. Hi, From now until the end of December 2023 I am offering a 10% discount on my video tutorial packages for members of this forum. I will also make a donation to the forum for every package sold in this way. These packages are designed for beginners and improvers and come with large-print sheet music. For a one-off payment, you will get lifetime-access to every tutorial I have ever produced for the anglo concertina and every tutorial I produce in the future. The cost with your discount is £44.10. For this you will have access to over 50 lessons. CG and GD tunings are catered for with both Jeffries & Wheatstone layouts. There is no subscription to cancel or renew. I also have packages for the melodeon and both instruments combined. All packages have loads of freebies included (guitar lessons, English concertina and music reading resources etc.) To purchase one of these packages please go to www.daddylongles.com/shop When viewing your cart please apply the following promo codes when paying Concertina Access All Areas Package CONCAAA (- with your discount this will come to £44.10) Melodeon Access All Areas Package MELAAA Complete Access All Areas Package COMPAAA To find out more please watch this video: Thanks for looking! Les
  2. Here is a recording that I did the other day using a Jackie English concertina and my Martin 000-28 Eric Clapton acoustic guitar. I double-tracked all the instruments to sweeten the sound. Although I have other, more expensive ECs, I have to say that I'm very pleased with the recorded sound of the Jackie. The lesser known tune was written by the late Malcolm Sircom and comes from his musical "Ebenezer". If you watch the video to the end you will hear how well the tunes work when superimposed. Thanks for watching Les
  3. Since last year I have been developing my own version of tablature in order to give anglo concertina lessons to players of all tunings. I am now happy to say that I have several of these lessons available on my website http://www.daddylongles.com Some lessons are aimed at beginners whilst others will suit improvers. Of course this won't appeal to folk who prefer dots (musical notation) for everything and I still have my original lessons available. Initially, I developed this tablature to save me some time. Before this, every time I came up with a new tutorial for the anglo, I had to record separate videos for each main tuning (CG and GD) plus I had to create two scores in my chosen music software (Notion). With this tablature I have developed a way of recording one video (usually using the CG) and re-tuning just the concertina playing down to the GD pitch but leaving my voice untouched. The actual tablature works for every tuning - even BbF. Having said this, I can honestly say that I actually prefer my tablature to using traditional music notation. Many of my customers are now using this new method and it seems to be pretty successful. If you want to try it out without paying anything, there are two free tutorials for beginners (Danny Boy and What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor) which you can find below. I have attached the tabs for these two tunes below plus some instructions on how to read them. Here are the links to the video lessons:- Thanks for looking! Les Danny Boy Anglo Concertina Tablature.pdf What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor Anglo Concertina Tablature.pdf Explanation Of Generic Anglo Concertina Tablature.pdf
  4. YouTube video This is my review of the concertina that I recently bought from David Robertson. I hope you like it and find it interesting. If, like I was a few weeks back, you are contemplating the change from decent hybrid to this kind of instrument, this might help you make up your mind! Les
  5. I have posted a brand new video tutorial for this brilliant tune. You can see a clip from the tutorial here:- https://youtu.be/KRlpS0yIJV8 You get access to the full length, unlisted You Tube video, four pages of sheet music and a full set of instructional notes - all for just £10 and available instantly. I teach you how to play the famous A part that we all know plus the lesser known B and C parts. Two camera angles and slow and careful, bar-by-bar instruction will ensure that you understand exactly what to do which is perfect for the beginner or improver. Go to www.daddylongles.com/videolessons for more details. Edited as per Dave's post below Here is a performance of the tune:- https://youtu.be/O2m7iRNrUvQ
  6. Hi, I have uploaded this tutorial to my website. You can see an excerpt here:- https://youtu.be/wp532bEe9Kc Filmed on two cameras in full HD, the video has clear bar-by-bar instructions ideal for a beginner or improver. If you want to find out how you can get hold of this tutorial along with the sheet music, full instructional notes plus loads of other learning resources including a tutor booklet go to www.daddylongles.com/videolessons ​Everything is available for immediate access over the internet - no waiting for CDs or DVDs. Thanks for looking! Les
  7. It's been a while since my last blog but here's my new one:- https://youtu.be/Dw9B2JGSZfg It's fairly lengthy. I play seven tunes to start with and then go on to discuss technique. I think I'm making a bit of progress at last. The tunes I play are La Marianne, Donkey Riding, Wash Day, Wooden Heart, William Brown, Fred Pigeon's No.3 and Mona's Delight - all in G on my GD. I hope you enjoy it. Best wishes Les
  8. This blog is just a quick performance of five tunes that I have been learning on my GD anglo:- Shepherd's Hey, Speed The Plough, Camptown Races, Bobby Shafto and The Keel Row - all in G. https://youtu.be/zNl4WqVx3MU Working on loads of tunes, especially for the Morris - so more to come! Best wishes Les
  9. In this blog I play and talk through four tunes on my GD, three of which I have already used in my EC tutorials. I think I'm beginning to make some progress but experienced players will no doubt pick up on a few rookie errors I'm still making - air button etc. Anyway, here's the link:- https://youtu.be/9a3yE0lMMZY and I hope you enjoy the video! Les
  10. I picked up another Anglo just before Christmas. This one is a GD and like my other instrument, it's made by Frank Edgley in Canada. Lovely low notes and I'm currently using it to learn some melodeon-style pieces. Have a look! https://youtu.be/SwhnIMO1fTM
  11. Hi, https://youtu.be/ahAvKfXR3yo I came up with this today and thought that some people might find it interesting as we approach the festive season. I have arranged this for the treble EC although to play the tenor and baritone parts will necessitate the use of those instruments if you want to play the parts at the correct pitch. Luckily my Marcus goes down to F so I can play the Treble, Alto and Tenor parts on my instrument. The treble part is of course the main melody. I played the Baritone part an octave higher and then re-pitched it using my Mac's software. Amazingly it worked really well I think!! If you know the Steeleye Span version of Gaudete, that is in C# however I have put this in G which seems to work really well. ​At the beginning of the lesson you can hear all four parts tracked together and then I subsequently "unpack it" as the video progresses. I hope some of you enjoy it/find it useful. Tabs for it can be found at my website www.daddylongles.com - go to "Concertina Music". Best Wishes Les
  12. Just to let you know that there are now 31 video lessons for English concertina available here:- http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18026&p=172075 Tabs are available for all tunes at www.daddylongles.com - go to "Concertina Music". New tunes since my last notification are:- Bobby Shafto Captain Maguire Yankee Doodle and Jon's Polka The lessons are free of charge and ideal for beginners. All the best Les
  13. I've recently been offered some boxes from overseas (Netherlands and Ireland). What would be the charges incurred if I went ahead and purchased? I don't want to pay a hefty sum (VAT etc.) on top of the normal purchase + postage price. I am not a dealer but simply someone who is looking to buy a used concertina from another c.net member. If I were to go over and pick up in person what would happen at customs on my way back? Thanks for any help you can give me. Les
  14. Ok, here are two more blogs. Blog Six was recorded two weeks ago when I received my Frank Edgley in the post and Blog Seven was recorded today. I hope you enjoy them. Blog Six: https://youtu.be/GwTpTkBPyoQ Blog Seven: https://youtu.be/ceAJkIfU5aA
  15. I've had my new concertina for about 6 days now. It's a beautiful Frank Edgley Anglo. I love the sound and everything is great except............. Every time I pick it up and play it for about ten minutes I get a very unpleasant pain in the base of my right thumb - kind of a dull ache. I never ever had this problem with my cheap old Hohner D40 anglo. I've tried tightening/loosening my hand straps. I've tried changing the knee on which I place the concertina i.e. changing the static end. I've tried holding my hand further back/further forward. I asked my wife to watch me play and she said she thought my right thumb looked tense compared to my left. Of course it's the right thumb that operates the air button. I've tried not using the air button unless I really have to which I know ultimately is not going to be a solution. The air button is not particularly stiff - in fact it's very responsive. The concertina doesn't seem heavy - probably about the same as my Marcus English. To be honest I'm at a bit of a loss and feeling a bit depressed about it. I am pretty new to the anglo (5 weeks). I never, ever get pain when I play the English. I can play this for ages without any ill effects. Can anyone out there help me? Les
  16. Today I have taken delivery of my Frank Edgley thirty button anglo concertina which was secondhand. It has a Carroll layout which I notice is identical to the Jeffries layout except for the push on the first button right hand side, top row, is a C# and the Jeffries has a D# there. So I have a C# in both directions on that button I have no less than 3 x C#3s on that row which I think is good for Irish music though I'm not experienced enough to say for sure. I notice though that the Wheatstone layout has 6 different notes (to my layout) on the top right hand side row. Can anyone explain the logic behind these layouts? Many thanks if you can! Les
  17. I have added a couple of new lessons to my page - Sankta Lucia (a lovely old Swedish Christmas tune) and William Taylor's Tabletop Hornpipe which my wife dances to in her Morris side. Find them here:- http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18026&p=172075 Les
  18. *NOW PURCHASED A CONCERTINA SO NO LONGER LOOKING, THANKS* Ok, I'm looking for a CG or GD Anglo between £1000 and £2000. I would like an instrument that has no problems and is in tune please. Anything considered so it could be an old Lachenal or a modern accordion-reeded hybrid instrument. I'm looking for a three-row concertina with a minimum of 30 buttons. If you have anything that you think I might be interested in, please get in touch - even if it's a bit cheaper than my budget! Many Thanks Les
  19. The fifth instalment! https://youtu.be/mhbhU5qhDhY I talk about Dick Gossip's Reel which I have had to play in C but will soon be playing in its correct of D when I receive the Frank Edgely Professional CG that I have just purchased. My wife Jenny makes an unscheduled appearance!! No doubt this will feature in the next blog I do. Les
  20. I'm currently teaching myself Dick Gossip's Reel on my Anglo. The B part has four fast low A notes in a row, several times. I'm doing it in C although it's in D on my mandolin music. At first I thought to use two different buttons on the left hand side that give me the same note on the C and G rows. This definitely made it easier but this sounded weird and disjointed. So now I'm using just one button and alternating my first and second fingers on it. Is this the correct method?
  21. I have now recorded and posted 25 of these videos which can be found here:- http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18026&p=172075 All of the pieces have a tab and in some cases, musical notation, which can be downloaded from my website www.daddylongles.com Go to "Concertina Music". All of these tunes are suitable for absolute beginners - my wife Jenny has started learning and is working her way through the lessons. Inevitably some people will find some tunes harder than others but my hope is that if a starter can play these pieces, it may whet their appetite to have proper lessons and go onto more advanced tunes. More to come! All the best Les
  22. Hi, I'm in the market for a decent 30 button+ Anglo. Should I be avoiding instruments with 5-fold bellows? I guess it's ok if the box in question is leak-free and a CG. I suppose it's more of an issue with a GD but am not experienced enough to say. I'd be glad of your opinions on this matter. Many Thanks Les
  23. Episode Four! I'm now 2 weeks into teaching myself the Anglo. https://youtu.be/N030nWaL-NM In today's blog I talk about (and play) two tunes - Boys Of The Town and The Lilting Banshee. I also discuss a bit of DIY tuning of my Rosetti Rambler!!
  24. I've been learning the Anglo for about a week and a half and I although I'm still really into my English boxes I have to say that I'm absolutely hooked and want to move up from my two budget 20 button boxes, the better of which is a Hohner D40. Much as I'd love a £3K+ Wheatstone, Jeffries or similar, I simply don't have that kind of money. I guess the figure that I could justify is around £1,000 - £1,200 which was what I paid for each of my English concertinas (an old Lachenal and a Marcus) which I think are both wonderful instruments. So the question I'm asking is, what should I be looking for in my price-range? Ideally, I'd like a Lachenal but I suppose this would be a bit dearer than this. I guess I should go straight to 30 buttons or more now yes? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Les
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