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Found 1 result

  1. Intended subject line: Will I confuse myself by learning cross-row keying simultaneously with harmonic style? Hi, Newbie to both the concertina and the forum here. I'm self-teaching myself to play anglo 30b C/G for about a month now and it feels like I'm making good progress (at least my children no longer run from the room). I initially purchased the instrument with the intent of playing ITM, but Alan Day's audio tutor, the "faking it" brochure, and Frank Edgley's tutor all opened my eyes to the possibilities of harmonic playing in the "English" style. As someone who has previously played unisonoric instruments (trumpet, recorder, voice) it was a revelation to be able to harmonize, and I am having a blast figuring out chords for various favourite folk songs and dances. I'm amazed at how well-designed the Anglo is for that purpose -- despite all the quirks. Ok, now for the question itself. I am studying both the cross-row keyed melodic Irish style and the harmonic style simultaneously, usually spending alternate nights working on songs typical of each. It may be my ignorance, but when I play in the harmonic style the way the tutors suggest, I am playing up and down the rows in push-pull style, and using cross-row keying for the more fluid Irish pieces. My attempts to use cross-row keying with left hand chords and harmonies have been unsuccessful -- I get way confused because of the push/pull constraints. Have I discovered a "law" of the concertina that harmonic style equals push-pull along the rows, or do I just need to build up my level of skill and sophistication? Is there any downside to working with both styles simultaneously, like acquiring bad habits? Thanks in advance for any advice. Lincoln
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