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  1. Copperplate distribution mail order are most reliable, you couldn't ask for a better service, run by the lovely Alan O'Leary. A great flute player and dedicated Irish musician and fan. He also provides a free podcast. He's supported so many Irish musicians with there album releases and has had available CDs that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise. You will also find him at all major Irish trad gigs in the UK providing his services to the artists attending. http://www.copperplatemailorder.com All the Best mory

  2. http://www.pghardy.net/concertina/kilve/kilve201110/here are a couple of pieces played by Paul McCann on the same model. John Connor made both of these and one other. Perhaps Paul will come in and comment on his? I'm sad to report John has recently retired after the sad loss of his dear wife, may she rest in peace, last year. He had the last of these, that he made towards the end of his making career, for sale last time I saw him, in the summer. I've heard Paul's many a time and can report a lovely bright full sound and a joy to hear. All the Best mory
  3. This is a 24 Button Lachenal (on 2 rows), Rosewood ended, 5 fold bellows, Bone Buttons in CG with Steel Reeds


    The extra buttons follow standard X row


    Left hand push pull G#A# (on end of C row) Right hand push pull C#D# (on beginning of C row)

    Left hand push pull AG reversals (on end of G row) Right hand push pull AG reversals next octave (on beginning G row)


    Some minor wear but not drastic (photos lit to over emphasis) no cracks or major repairs, original bellows, (few small patches 1cm approx. on bottom of bellows) can be seen in last pics.


    Checked over and tuned by John Connor mid 2014

    New pads and springs by Mike Acott 2012 ? new Straps and Strap buttons by me 2013

    Has standard pine/brown paper case sticky tape on edges but still protects (blocked in bottom so bellows don't distort)


    will sell for £500 + Postage next day UK Europe


    If your not already playing a 3 row this system makes a nice logical leap on the 20 button and doesn't take a great deal of getting used to, creates a style of its own.


    All the Best mory

    PM me please if interested






  4. This is one of John Connor's remakes for Chris Algar (Barleycorn Concertinas) using retrieved Lachenal reeds.


    Typical Connor Standard but without his Aluminium reed plates.


    Black Leather Bellows, Riveted Action, Brass Levers, German Silver Buttons, German Silver ends, Genuine Ebony facing on frames etc. very nicely done.


    Nice Condition, few minor marks on ends (but not on woodwork), very similar in sound to a Lachenal with the German Silver Ends (as you might expect)


    Been a nice well made concertina for me for last few years, but now surplus to requirements (be sad to see it go but isn't that always the case?)

    I got John to alter it to Jeffries layout when I first got it I believe it's about 7yrs old, regularly maintained by John Connor (he's local to me) every thing in good playable condition.


    Selling for £1650 + post (next day UK Europe) donation to C.net


    No case with it, (been using a Greg Jowaisas which I am keeping sorry), if that's a problem for you I may go halves on one to fit from HobGob about £40 total (easy to block, I'll do it if you can't) will be very securely packaged regardless of that, I have never had any delivery problems with either Concertinas or Button Accordions/Melodeons.


    Hope it's of interest to someone, I think it's fair money for a middle ground playable Concertina

    PM me please All the Best mory


    will send pic's, sound file, layout etc, if and when.

  5. Please help Caroline Regan track down her stolen Concertina;


    It is a Wheatstone 40 key anglo with black bellows and metal ends.


    It was stolen this afternoon (Sunday 15th December) from the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood.


    The case was dumped outside the pub.


    If you see or hear of anything please get in touch with Caroline at caz4regan (at) hotmail.com


    Caroline would be extremely grateful for any help spreading this message far and wide




  6. Gone!! for £4000.00 seems cheap to me but has gone to an excellent player and not a dealer.

    Really good to hear its gone to a player. If its the Pat I think it is it couldn't have gone to a nicer bloke or lovely player. I hope your pleased too. Will that be a new Melodeon in the pipeline then? All the Best mory

  7. It says "Do not know how to play this concertina. This video is intended only to hear some sounds to be evaluated by prospective buyers" he's not kidding :) mory


    vid posted 7 jan 2012 got to be worth an email

  8. Yet another win by Chris Algar You have to admire the man http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e6a091ab1


    Chris provides an invaluable resource to the concertina community by buying old concertinas, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, getting expert restoration and repair work done and reselling them at market price. Yes, we pay a premium to buy from him, but the value we get from that higher price is quality we can rely on. I couldn't be happier with the concertina I bought from him and don't begrudge him his profit in the least.

    seems we are in agreement then Jim if you read above a few replies, mory
  9. When I say you have to admire Chris I mean it, his talent for buying, restoring, and selling, and every thing that intails, thus entering back into the playing world instruments otherwise lost is legendary. I wouldn't imagine if he is putting lots of work out to the various highly skilled restorers he uses that he would pay quite the same as a one off member of the public, but regardless the market drives the price and they are what they are. Andy why don't you take some of your work to Chris and see if he has anything for you. We all need patrons if we are any sort of artisan or craftsman, lets face it we have to go with things how they are. All the Best mory By the way I felt I had seen that one before with the mark over the name anyone else?

  10. Just wanted to say arn't we lucky to have Bertram's direct imput on this. So a big thank you Bertram for taking the time and trouble to stay in touch in relation to your latest tutor and for getting the first audio files up on your site. I think I may have been the first person in the UK to get a copy (after reading Bruce's post) and although I've not had as much time as I'd like on it I find it a very interesting approach and look forward to some more time with it, so once again Thanks Bertram All the Best mory

  11. Hello Everyone,


    I used to be a regular here, but stopped trolling the forums two or three years ago... I wanted to own a nice vintage anglo concertina back in 2005, but there was nowhere to shop for one in my area. At the time I worked for a software company and had decent paychecks coming in on a regular basis. The strategy I employed was to buy nice looking Lachenals on Ebay, fix them up, and turn them over. For a couple years I really enjoyed learning how to fix them up, and was proud of my work. When I finally found the beautiful metal ended Lachenal I wanted to call my own, I kept it and spent more time playing than fixing. I still play a lot, and I love my Lachenal. The problem is, I have three or four others I haven't finished fixing, and I don't ever seem to find the time to complete them. I have a considerable amount of money tied up in them and they're just sitting in my house. I would like to either fix them up and sell them, or possibly just sell them to someone who could finish fixing them up and put them back into circulation. I was good at fixing concertinas in many regards, but tuning the reeds took a bit of trial and error. I learned many important lessons, and now I am great! Unfortunately, I rendered a few reeds useless working my way through the learning curve... If I am to finish fixing these, I need to find a source for some replacement reeds. I'm not sure it makes sense to order a bunch of replacement reeds from Button Box or David Leese, because I would have to ask for quite a few. So a couple questions:


    Are there any repair persons here that would be interested in completing these projects? All of my concertinas have great bellows, fully functioning hardware, and all bodywork is in solid condition. Reedwork is primarily all that remains. I really don't want to sell these at rock bottom prices, but I would entertain reasonable offers. I would of course provide pictures and complete descriptions... I should probably just go ahead and do this for each one.


    My other option is to find some wrecked Lachenals that I could use as reed donors. Is anyone here sitting on some fixer upper projects with GOOD reeds that they would be willing to sell me for a reasonable price?


    Are there any other options I am not considering? Is anyone selling brand new reed sets that would fit in Lachenals? I would entertain bulk sale offers too, but I wouldn't expect any offers until complete photos and descriptions are available. This on it's own seems a daunting task...


    I'm just trying to dip my toe in the water here. I need to get these beautiful Mahagony ended Lachenals back into circulation.


    I have:


    -30 button steel reed Mahagony ended Lachenal with good original bellows

    -30 button brass reeded Mahagony ended Lachenal with good original bellows

    -26 button steel reeded Mahagony ended Lachenal with brand new Leese bellows

    -20 button Mahagony ended Lachenal with no reeds


    I would appreciate your feedback!



    Hi John, dont know if its any help, but some of the rebuild work using old reeds that has been done by Connor and Wakker for Chris Algar (Barlycorn), reputedly use reeds from unrepairable and less desirable (price wise) Duets and basic English, I'm in touch with Connor, in fact I'm seeing him later this week and if you provide a list I can ask, but maybe the purchase of either mentioned would be better, you'd probably find the time if you had the reeds? good luck mory send me a pm

  12. I spoke with Sean a short while ago, his new concertina I believe is the Dubliner, different to the Garvey and although it uses TAM accordion reeds they have brass frames, the concertinas are made by his son, I think they are developing a high end one as well, which is probably where the Suttner parts come in.

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