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  1. Hi all. Selling my vintage unrestored Lachenal Anglo concertina. Quite good original condition but will need full restoration. Looks like ivory buttons. Inside reeds look good. I only took the ends off for these photos. Steel reeds. Not sure of keys. Some notes play so maybe you can determine the keys and pitch. Serial number 140043. Estimated to be from 1895. Will consider the best offer after 5 days. Will ship anywhere. Located near Toronto Canada. I can send you photos and sound video. Please contact Geoff at accman7@hotmail.com



  2. 20211003_112519.thumb.jpg.ff829b9ca3d3bb00c3280d4ae36fcd3e.jpgSOLD ! Wheatstone English 48 button. Serial number 23725. Possibly from 1904-1906. 15 West Street label. Very good antique condition but must be fully restored. Only damage is a few splits on 1 wooden face and straps are gone. Inside all the leathers are old and crumbly. But NO RUST. All buttons work. Most buttons make the tone. Bellows very good condition both leather and paper. See pictures and video. Will be very valuable once restored. I am looking for a good offer before I post on ebay. Located near Toronto Canada. Email Geoff at accman7@hotmail.com

    I can send pics including the insides.

    Using Dirks accordion tuner i get the following readings:
    L hand. draw/push
    A 440 reads 451/ 455 hz
    F 349 reads 357/ 357
    C 523 reads 533/ 539
    R hand
    G 392 reads 400 / 402
    C 523 reads. 537/ 537
    A 880 reads. 859/860
    So it seems to be slightly sharp on most. Given the age I wouldn't expect it to be in tune and that needs to be considered.

    Video link. 



  3. Hello everyone, to be fair, I will make a decision on any offers for the sale at 5 PM Eastern today Sunday. The Current highest offer is making me consider to close a deal today and not do Ebay. My email is accman7@hotmail.com thanks




    FYI, If it sells on Concertina .net I will make a donation to the site.

  4. This is Paul Read's assessment:


    Hi Geoff, It was a pleasure to get to chat with you today. My assessment of your concertina from today's meeting is as follows: 1. It is a 30-button plus drone C. Jeffries concertina, bone buttons in Bb/F, 6-fold dark green bellows. The drone is Bb. 2. Overall it is excellent unrestored condition, good action, very responsive reeds. 3. Reeds: In original, untouched condition, no rust. The reeds are in old pitch, tuned to around 50 +/- cents sharp of modern A=440 pitch 4. Bone buttons all good, minor wear. Bushings are still good, One button sticks but this requires minor adjustment of the lever to correct. 5. Action tight and fast. No wear evident. A couple of temporary springs (as advised by you) but it plays well - even with the bellows leaks. 6. Pads: Instrument is tight but pads should be replaced 7. Valves: Mix of original and replacement valves. New valves would be advisable. 8. Bellows: The bellows have been patched at various times and some leaks are still present. Gussets have dried out. It could be patched up as a short-term measure but replacement is advisable. 9. Reed pans are in excellent condition, some support blocks are loose and some have been reinstalled incorrectly (then packed to level with leather shims). All should be removed and re-set. Not a big job but necessary. 10. Action boards both ends in good condition, no cracks evident. One minor gouge adjacent to one hole was noted. This would be easy to fill and does not affect playability. 11. Nickel end plates in good condition, no evidence of over tightening of the end bolts. In summary, I would say this instrument is potentially a top notch Jeffries, with careful restoration. It plays well in its present condition and has the classic Jeffries sound. To restore it to top condition, I would estimate the following should be performed: New bellows (Dipper or Connor quality) $650 New set of pads installed $80 New set of valves installed $80 Retune to modern concert pitch $280 New handstraps installed $25 Re-set reed pan support blocks, tighten reed pan, replace bad springs etc. (allow $100) $100 $1215 (more than my guesstimate!) I hope that meets your requirements. As discussed, any potential buyers are free to contact me through c.net. Best regards Paul



    Note from me: the brass knob on the right hand side is held in place with a small piece of leather wrapped around the bolt-stem. I presume this is because the hole in the wood is a bit worn. But it does hold tight. GS

  5. Hi all interested members. I have had Paul Read in Toronto look at this concertina. He will provide me with a statement regarding its condition in the near future that I will post, but said that members can contact him for an opinion by email. It appears this Jeffries is Bb/F, has a drone key. is in original unrestored condition, has original tuning, and is in generally very good shape. Paul played some very nice tunes and made it sound great. He says the action and response is fast. The bellows is worn in places but probably could be repaired. Reeds are very good condition, best that can be expected, although could be retuned due to age. One button sticks sometimes. Pads , seals, etc need overhaul due to age. I gather it's one of the best "in original condition" ones that he has seen. Please contact him if you are serious about making an offer to get his feedback. I will wait until Sunday for offers, and if the highest offer is reasonable, I will conclude the sale, otherwise i will put it on ebay Sunday night EST. Paypal is preferred, although I will consider other forms of direct payment. There may be a problem with shipping insurance for the full value, please advise if you have knowledge of best shipping method, because I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged once it's shipped. Any questions please email. In case anyone wants to travel to Toronto Canada I will give a good discount for cash payment on pick-up, plus we can enjoy a Guinness while I watch you play a few tunes. Cheers!



  6. I have posted some pictures at : schnefsky-accordionman.blogspot.com. I look forward to any comments. I will consider offers at any time, and hope to post on Ebay on Sunday. I am located close to Toronto Canada if you want to visit. email: accman7@hotmail.com Thanks

  7. Hi, yes I believe you're right Jim and David, I now believe it's a Bb/F. The reed plates are marked as follows, starting from the reed just above the air release hole and going clockwise (outside/inside): A/Bb, Db/B, F/F#, C/D, ab/B, C/G, A/D, Eb/E?, D/F, G/Bb, Bb/c, Eb/F, G/A, E/F, B/C# . (I may have misread one or two). I will be posting some pics soon.



  8. thanks Ben, I will post pics in a few days, probably Sunday. I'm located in Ontario, Canada near Toronto.I will also attempt to upload it to Youtube. My initial feeling is to put it up for sale as is, unless restoring it will exponentially increase the value. My email is accman7@hotmail.com if anyone wants pics sent privately, or want to discuss or send advise offline. Geoff

  9. In the event you want to make a quick sale....make it available to Concertina.net members first. Several of the members are concertina repairmen/technicians. Take several photos of the interior and the exterior of the concertina...especially the reedpan...and post it on this forum. We would like to know whether or not this concertina actually exists. Alternatively, identify your location, whether in the UK or in the USA so that any of the members of this forum may visit with you to give you advice and give other members of this forum info. with regards to the condition of the concertina.


    Make sure that the repairman that you are going to visit is not a backyard mechanic or 3/8" carpenter who may damage this delicate instrument. Reputable repairmen, technicians and builders are not going to restore or refurbish your concertina in one day's time or a weekend. It can take months or half a year at least depending on the restorer's work load. A proper tune up by a reputable concertina technician can cost you up to GBP 700.00 or USD 1,200.00 (I have have gone through the processs recently).


    If you need references to excellent repairman in the U.S.A., Canada, UK, Australia then a list can be given to you privately.

  10. Hi all, I have come into possession of a C Jeffries 30 button concertina ( It's actually Bb/F). It is in playable condition and is the 1890s model. It is in quite reasonable condition on the exterior, has no major damage, and all the reeds appear to play in tune. I am taking it to a restorer this weekend for an opinion. I intend to sell it on Ebay very soon. Can you please give me an opinion: should I have it rstored, or sell "as is" so that the new owner gets it restored according to their taste. Would I get more "profit" by restoring it, or leaving it original? I am a piano accordion player, and although thios is a fascinating instrument, I will never learn how to play it, so it should go to a good person. I would like to maximise my earnings to spend the earnings on another accordion...you understand. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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