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  1. Hello,I'm new to it too,you should have the advantage of good timing though,being a drummer.If you know any guitar players ask them to record a few backing tracks and 'feel' your way around them.I can't read music and have played by ear for years(on guitar),the concertina has inspired me to learn.It might take ages but so does anything worth doing.
  2. Hello,I like both of your quotes....made me laugh.

  3. Thank you,If I start now I will have something to play at Christmas.It will take me that long !
  4. Hello,I've just been to the National Winter Ales Festival in Manchester and feel inspired!Dr Busker(piano accordion) hit the right spot.I want to have some fun by playing this 'style' at open mic nights on my very basic MayFair,guitar players have it too easy!
  5. fingers in knots,head in bits

  6. cheers Leo,I've now bookmarked a very dangerous site...strings or thumb straps on pay day?What have I done,I'll be selling guitars next!
  7. Any idea where I can buy new straps for a budget mayfair.I've had to wrap strips of an old( favourite) shirt around them to stop the dye making my thumbs look red raw.
  8. Hello Neil

    I don't know if you have received my last E mail or not...so belt and braces posting this,I have cash waiting if the distance is not to far.Iwas hoping it could have been arranged for this evening,not eager /impatient/sitting on my hands in expectation of plaing/hearing this concertina ...or anything.My phone No is in the E mail


  9. hello again,your e-mail for concertina.biz is NOT working,it just keeps returning them,I was a bit reluctant to hit 'buy now' as I had not heard anything from you.Sorry for the continual contact..but this will be my first concertina and my fingers are itching

  10. hello,can you get in touch,I'm interested in the wheatstone mayfair

    Cheers.string plucker

  11. thank you mr Crabb,I now know that the 'Mayfair' is a"treble"concertina,though i don't know what freq. range this covers(used to A=440Hz).I think it might be a bit high for me. Will own one soon..I hope
  12. Is this a good English concertina to start on and do accordion reeds sound more mellow? Cheers
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