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    Concertina history, anglos, folk song.
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    Hull, Yorkshire

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About Me

Played anglo and melodeon since late 60s to accompany my own singing and others, play in ceilidh bands and play for morris/ rapper/ longsword. Folk song field worker in East Yorkshire 1965-1975. Collection now available online on British Library Sound Archive website. Song book 'An East Riding Songster' 1982. Jointly edited latest edition of Marrow Bones for EFDSS and currently working on 'The Wanton Seed' in same series. Brother-in-law of Chris Sherburn who overtook me in anglo playing when he was about 14.

Currently helping with the Roud Folksong and Broadside Indexes, Child Ballads review on Folkopedia. Last 5 years Chairman of The Yorkshire Garland Group promoting Yorkshire traditional song. See www.yorkshirefolksong.net and last year or so Northern Chairman of The Traditional Song Forum.


Wheatstone 61 key anglo special. me mb

Lachenal 30 key bass anglo we bb

Wheatstone 12 key mini GD anglo, we mb

Wheatstone Mayfair DA anglo me bb

Various lachenal 20, 26, 48 key we bb s waiting repair in loft

DG dry-tuned Baffetti black melodeon

Arnold Bandoneon awaiting restoration in loft.

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