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  1. Jim,


    I'll be down at Palestine and look forward to hearing you duet. I keep going back to the Wakker sight and have started saving for one. It'll be nice to be able to actually see and hear one in person; maybe even try it out although I don't play duet at this time.


    See you there


    jim durdin


    I recently took possession of my new 46 key Wakker Hayden duet, made by my request with the handrest parallel to the key rows as in the 1896 Kaspar Wicki design. My rationale for this is here (Nov. 18, 2007). I find that this set-up gives more room to the little finger, and some players might find this feels more natural than the 11 degree slant. Wim is planning to offer this as an option on his new website, which should go online in about a month. The instrument is pictured on my profile as my personal photo. It will be at the Palestine (Texas) Old Time Music Festival at the end of the month if anyone is interested in trying it out.
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