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  1. Thank you kindly Theo - give me a little time before l gan back to you man! I see Harry in Belgium (Marien directed me there) has some that are the original style (white on the top half and brown on the bottom half (http://www.bandoneon-maker.com/band.knop.JPG) where they stick to wooden lever. But I really should also find some with numbering on the top ...just to make it more complicated! I could try to find some old typeface lead letters or book spine number/lettering tools and make a new number on blank ones with hot tool and then of course fill them with gold leaf.....but ......! Just in case someone else is looking for quick solutions that do not work, since i posted this note originally, I discovered the perfect solution -- it had been sitting in front of me for the past few months and I had not "seen" it -- the plastic handles on Superdrug interdental brushes - the toothpicks like little bottle brushes.. Not only perfect diameter for the German wooden levers, should anyone want to cut holes for lachenals and wheats they would perforate beautifully in the middle where they have a blue roundel - and they are tapered at the ends to make them cut easily for the peg. But I only had four (despite searching bathroom cabinet for abandoned ones). I immediately rang Superdrug shop to get half a dozen six packs at 1.50 for six - no stock till Dec 27. Rang HQ, yes stock at such and such. Rang such and such - no stock. But some at Picacddilly - rang and they would keep them but .... Then I finally discovered they had discontinued these pearly white round handled ones and replaced them all with square blue green and yellow handles which of course are useless........ kind rgds
  2. Tks! I did read something a while back about someone saying that they found that a cheap biro metal push in top fitted over there buttons and they went with that , bought just enough pens to finish the job in hand , it's a thought at least . Mike
  3. Goran - did u ever do any drawings and measurements on the making of your strap and wooden wrist rest as per pictures at http://www.concertina.net/goran_ergonom.html and also your tube video? It might work for my wife who has small hands I tried your telia email but no longer works so I do not know if this will reach you! rgds K
  4. Apart from buttons for sale in Maine which are not really right, is there someone in the UK who sells either wooden/bone/plastic buttons for German concertina (to be stuck on to wooden lever ends -- they are not Wheatstone or Lachenal peforated stems with a peg) And also selling perhaps the metal tops to push down over tops of same buttons. I see Wheatstone has the Lach and Wheat ones as does David Leese. But I cannot see any plain buttons elsewhere in the UK but maybe looking in the wrong place. I may just cut down some plastic wooden chopsticks which have rounded ends getting gradually thicker before the square of the upper end of the chopstick starts...., but ready-made would be easier. mni tks!
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