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  1. useful trick, tks

    very interesting.




    3. Or is there an easy way to copy a current ebay item to the forum with its text and photo instead of simply the URL link or would that not be good because of forum space restrictions?


    Just a thought...




    You might want to try executing a print and then select pdf when the print window appears and then hit continue or print in that window and save it to your desk top or whatever folder of your choice. This should give you several pages of everything in the auction listing including the pics. Mind you, that after archiving several of these over time may use up a lot of your available memory space. I only do this for items that I have won so that I have an exact archive of the listing in case there is a dispute, either by me or the seller. Fortunately, I have never had to use the listing pdf in any disputes. Better safe than sorry though.


    The rest of your suggestions would be better worked out with Paul the moderator of this discussion forum.

  2. JACOB'S BISCUITS CONCERTINA - Maker? Country? Anglo-Irish, German, Crane double puff cream with Guinness flavour?


    How much time do you have....? Bit like dating a Lachenal perhaps or asking where Cranes were made, assembled, distributed? Is it an Irish concertina or an English German Anglo?


    To help shortcut this question one could try and a new approach: ask if the seller can 'smell' the item and let us know, in the way that people talk about gunge and odours from inside a tina from being played in smoke-filled pubs......


    Why? You might well ask!


    Putting to one side the Waterford (1881) and then Dublin roots and then the splitting off in 1922 of the branch in Liverpool, Jacob's Biscuit factory in Long Lane (2km long) at various stages not only produced the smell of biscuits across the surrounding area. Next door were Mother's Pride Bread and also Hartley's Jam factories. A summer evening produced the perfect aerial tea smell ... providing the wind was blowing from the west across the fields of the vast estate of the TB hospital and a dairy farm. However, if the wind was blowing from the east then the olfactory music of teatime had to cope with the country odour of the main sewage farm for the area next to the English (not Anglo) Electric factory where some of the first air powered (jet bellows) planes were built.........


    So does the tin smell of Guinness? But that could be Liverpool or Dublin of course so no clear ID there.


    Could making biscuit tins have been a sideline by inventive scousers at Crane & Sons (and or Brothers)? The main shop, offices and their Crane Hall (later Neptune Theatre) were in the heart of Liverpool in "Hanover" St., only a 30 minute tram ride from Long Lane. With a street name like that, there is a research route to be followed up in terms of German Anglos......


    Someone somewhere suggested Crane’s did not manufacture, but they certainly had something at 217, Scotland Rd. (http://www.concertina.com/maccann-duet/Maccann-Concertinists-Guide.pdf).


    Scotty Road has always been where the “busies” always went out on patrol in threes and it is unlikely such an area would boast a classy showroom, so one would assume it was a factory (or warehouse for storage or re-assembly?) . This is half way on that tram route from Long Lane – surely not a base for Scottish concertinas and accordions?).


    This could offer another odour clue. Does the box smell of oilcake, cattlefeed, cooking oil? Bibby’s, oils for the Empire, on the Dock Road, was but a wafting odour away from Scotland Rd,. And where better to get a nice piece of cheap, leftover tin, to turn into the vision now offered on eBay, than from an oil can depot, especially the used tins?


    But what about the painted transfers on the concertina tin you may ask? No problem, just up the road from Jacob’s is Eric Bemrose (Crane’s was still a musical powerhouse when well established Bemrose gave you the first, biggest ever giant printing process (nearly a million copies) to bring out The Eagle comic with Dan Dare and the Mekon in 1950.


    So what’s the further connection? The concertina-playing Mekon perhaps…yes that evil little man (looking sick-green without his regular does of pub smoke=filled atmosphere) is a reality.


    According to Jon Moore (http://www.jonmoore.info/history.htmwith appropriate cuts to make it fit the "facts" of this brief "history") “Dave Townsend (expert on West Gallery music, arranger and performer of the music for dance scenes in BBC TV’s Pride and Prejudice, and undoubtedly the best English Concertina player in the country) played concertina, accordion, and keyboards. …. SIDMOUTH FESTIVAL (Then a folk festival)…. The band did not last long, despite many festival gigs. …..Jon met ROD STRADLING, (melodeon player and seminal musician on the folk scene for the last thirty years. [

    http://www.mustrad.org.uk/ses/magazine/ses...tina&op=and ]

    ….and finally “ It sometimes included members of THE MEKONS ….”


    You never know where a concertina will lead you…


    Why didn't I pen this over the seasonal break when more reading time was available….

  3. Smart player!


    For beginners, he highlights also the whole issue of bellows management, interestingly debated by Goran Rahm in terms of bellows management, where to place the instrument and all kinds of straps. (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wIpE38VoY08 or search for Gran43)


    Goran seems not to be alone in putting his tina box end, not bellows, on right or left thigh.


    This brings me to Dick Miles' comment "yes, excellent, but he [Ciarán] will wear his bellows out dragging them across his knee like that" ( http://comhaltas.ie/music/detail/comhaltas..._on_concertina/

    offered by Michael Reid @ Dec 31 2008, 01:34 AM


    Apart from appearance, worn bellows corners seem to be the stage before holes and the curse of the airleak, never mind much spittle from Dave Elliott (Concertina Maintenance Manual, section 5.3.2.)



    If you DO sit bellows on thigh/s (easier for learners certainly struggling to control the snake) can you protect bellows corners from rubbing? And in Ciarán's case, from jeans? Jeans must be great for making holes yet they are pretty common attire for many itinerant players. One should not forget lumberjacks because it is the tree that wears out, before the stone-washed pants.



    Many violinists protect the underside of their instrument by putting a soft cloth (e.g. folded, cheap yellow furniture duster) between it and their shoulder/ and lumberjack shirts for fiddlers (!) (http://www.industrial-workwear.co.uk/acatalog/Work_Shirts.html?gclid=CIu3u_PEgpgCFUog3godBlntCw


    Do the super players out there think the same practice would be a help or a hindrance ? To protect whatever part of the underside of the tina? The cloth would cause some wear but not as much as denim and with a bit of impregnated furniture polish it could even add to the value as the 'antique age' patina built up over the decades .........


    I hope this has not been answered before, but could not find.


  4. very interesting.



    1. Has someone been able to work out how to keep easily those ebay sales (and of course photos of the scam offers) and their details as a record for comparison?


    2. A link to ebay saying: 'see this fantastic 163k ivory Lanehcaew', is fine if an ebay listing is current. But if the message is an old one then the ebay link is dead so the history has died with it.


    3. Or is there an easy way to copy a current ebay item to the forum with its text and photo instead of simply the URL link or would that not be good because of forum space restrictions?


    4. Or praps such data could go in a subsection of buy and sell called 'sold or sales history'. When you wanted to find out what a reversible "139k Weachenal" looked like and what it sold for by the dozen over the last five years it would be safely there with photos and final price. It might even have the name of the maker and how long it took to build -- e.g. by Bbarc, started Boxing day 2008, completed New Year's day 2009".


    Just a thought...


  5. Thank you kindly Theo - give me a little time before l gan back to you man!

    I see Harry in Belgium (Marien directed me there) has some that are the original style (white on the top half and brown on the bottom half (http://www.bandoneon-maker.com/band.knop.JPG) where they stick to wooden lever.


    But I really should also find some with numbering on the top ...just to make it more complicated! I could try to find some old typeface lead letters or book spine number/lettering tools and make a new number on blank ones with hot tool and then of course fill them with gold leaf.....but ......!


    Just in case someone else is looking for quick solutions that do not work, since i posted this note originally, I discovered the perfect solution -- it had been sitting in front of me for the past few months and I had not "seen" it -- the plastic handles on Superdrug interdental brushes - the toothpicks like little bottle brushes..


    Not only perfect diameter for the German wooden levers, should anyone want to cut holes for lachenals and wheats they would perforate beautifully in the middle where they have a blue roundel - and they are tapered at the ends to make them cut easily for the peg. But I only had four (despite searching bathroom cabinet for abandoned ones).


    I immediately rang Superdrug shop to get half a dozen six packs at 1.50 for six - no stock till Dec 27. Rang HQ, yes stock at such and such. Rang such and such - no stock. But some at Picacddilly - rang and they would keep them but ....


    Then I finally discovered they had discontinued these pearly white round handled ones and replaced them all with square blue green and yellow handles which of course are useless........


    kind rgds


    Accordion bass buttons might be suitable. email me with length and diameter and I'll see if I have anything to match
  6. Apart from buttons for sale in Maine which are not

    really right, is there someone in the UK who sells either

    wooden/bone/plastic buttons for German concertina (to be

    stuck on to wooden lever ends -- they are not Wheatstone or

    Lachenal peforated stems with a peg)


    And also selling

    perhaps the metal tops to push down over tops of same

    buttons. I see Wheatstone has the Lach and Wheat ones as

    does David Leese. But I cannot see any plain buttons

    elsewhere in the UK but maybe looking in the wrong place.


    I may just cut down some plastic wooden chopsticks which have rounded ends getting gradually thicker before the square of the upper end of the chopstick starts....,

    but ready-made would be easier.

    mni tks!

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