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  1. They do look very similar, although I like the scrollwork on mine a little better.


    So is it that Morelli did not manufacture concertinas, but in order to offer one in their catalog, they purchased and relabeled Stagis (A-48_S) as their own?


    Is this very unusual? I mean, I searched all over the Internet and have yet to find any other mention of a Morelli concertina.

  2. I have a 48 key English Style Andreas Morelli Concertina made in Italy

    in the late 1950's - Serial Number 5024. As I understand it, Morelli

    is now a Chinese product. Can anyone tell me the history of Anderas

    Morelli concertinas? Are there any references that have this

    information - I would appreciate any leads to information on the

    Internet, or in books, or other published material.

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