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  1. I know you lot will probably throw rotten fruit at me....but I went to the Hobgobilin store yeasterday and I had a go on some and (yor right the cheap 20 button ones even sounded cheap to my untrained ear) but I tried one I liked a 30 button anglo not a Rochelle though and couldn't resist buying it. it wasn't until I got home that I realised I should have asked the make. lol Must have been dazled by the salesman. lol! My mum has already said could I learn a to play a tango. btw. I think I might sew myself a nice patchwork quilted bag as it came just in the box.
  2. Hello its only me Lady D

  3. Speaking as a newbie (who is would like to play a concertina) I love it It sounds cool.
  4. is that new or secondhand? New, you'd rarely see a secondhand one. People tend to hang onto them, even after they upgrade... that's a good sign if people keep them even when they get upgraded. Shows its worth the money.
  5. As I've mentioned before, I have the Rochelle available for only Euro 265 in Ireland (£220 including trackable postage), with no additional import and tax charges if you're anywhere in the EU. is that new or secondhand? (I'll add to my list)
  6. I think its the lushness and they sound denser and thicker..if that makes any sense.
  7. sounds like a bargain. Do you ship to the UK then? We sell/ship and all over the world, but we restrict our rentals to just North America. -- Rich -- I shall keep that in mind. listening ot the clips on youtube...I like the sound of the duet most..but I suspect that's way out of my price range.
  8. I think I'll be playing on my own for a while...all the people I know who play music (my siblings and cousins)are more into 'rock'. lol! I think this is why I need to try some first see what I like the sound of best.
  9. Oh I managed to play twinkle twinkle little star on a harmonica once...but it made me go all dizzy. lol! I am quite fancying the Anglo, and I'd rather go for what is a popular/common tuning. Is that 'D'? I don't want to make a final decision till I've had a go on one though. I don't think there's any sops which sell them in southend so I might pop up to London. sounds like a bargain. Do you ship to the UK then?
  10. unfortunately I have none of the above to sell oooh...is there a clip on youtube anywhere of that? £240? It will be the most i've ever invested in an instrument. I'd better get saving....or ask for contributions from family. *puts tin marked concertina fund on desk* I may threaten them with playing the recorder if they don't pay up. Thank you for the welcome
  11. I hear Mary's lamb go blue tounge and had to be put down
  12. so is not worth getting a cheap one that I can learn the principals of playing on then before investing in something more expensive? I didn't know you could rent them....I'll have to google that. erm folky stuff...jigs, hornpies maybe I'm not really fussed. I like the sound of the instrument. And I'll learn however I can probably be from a book unless there's a DVD I could learn from? oh I just read somewhere that was a collective tern for these kinda instruments. Maybe I misunderstood. this is all so compilcated. lol! A lot to take in. never knew there was so much choice.
  13. Well budget wise I'm putting aside I've got about £120 to spend at the monet but I'm putting aside a little money each week. So the longer I spend deciding the bigger my budget. I'd be greatful if I can play anything..something you can dance/tap your foot to (I just want something portable I can play on my own). is there a site I can go to to find my local one?
  14. I've decided I want to play a squeezbox of some kind..and I love the look of the concertina's. But I've no idea which one to go for. I've never played one before and I have a pretty megre buget so I don't want to pay out lots of money at first. Is there anywhere that's good to go to get a chance to try before buying? Any advice would be welcome. (sorry I suppose you here these questions a lot)
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