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  1. For sale is my 2002 standard model A.C. Norman & co. 30-key C/G anglo.


    Some of you will be very familiar with the sound of this box from my recordings over the years; I'm raising funds for a really good Bb/F, so this needs a new home.


    This instrument is bright, loud and very fast for a hybrid concertina. It's had a smoke-free home, and despite heavy usage there is only light cosmetic wear to the wood stain on the handrests and along one edge (illustrated).


    Here is a recent sound file:



    Earlier this year it was fine-tuned by Andrew Norman himself, and has had felt bushing added (as per his deluxe model) to reduce key noise.


    Andrew's current lead time for direct orders is 18-20 months, and I believe these instruments are now priced new in the region of £1400. With that in mind I'm asking £975, plus postage/insurance at cost. The pictured hard case is included.


    Please feel free to ask questions, and I'll happily take more photographs if requested. You are also welcome to come and try the instrument, which is in Birmingham, UK.


    If it sells through Concertina.Net I'll make the customary donation to the site. Thank you for your interest.





  2. Right away, esteemed chairman.


    The only reasonable response to David's play of Uxbridge is to go directly to




    - a station at which it is quite legitimate to arrive by tube, and very difficult to leave by water-cannon.


    (Historical side-note: for some years local residents campaigned for a more genteel pronunciation - think Bucket/bouquet - but taking out the first syllable altogether proved too much for those of a sensitive disposition)

  3. ...which thus requires a reversal, via Earl's Court, to Wimbledon Park


    The role of Earl's Court in our game has long been discussed. A lengthy treatise on the subject was written by the great Edwardian entrepreneur and owner of the world's first Knee Manufactory, Professor Harold Trousers, native of Halesowen. Unfortunately, when he was discovered to be a bigamist, all copies of his tome were gathered together and destroyed by his wives Pat and Ella.

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