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    nature, folk music, reading about other cultures, other times, international authors, sewing, quilting, knitting, astronomy, dancing, poetry, classical guitar, concertina
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    western Pennsylvania

About Me

Was learning classical guitar, had to take a break for financial reasons. Interested in all kinds of music (French Canadian most recently), learning on a beautiful old borrowed Anglo Lachenal C/G concertina!

Love going to the Northeast Squeeze In!

Am a shy, quiet person who misses the countryside she was raised in, transplanted unsuccessfully to the city in order to find a job....good job as jobs go, but not a city person. Can't hear the songbirds for all the airplanes flying over, the noise of cars, police sirens etc...I miss my mountains, and a fireplace.

Grateful for this forum, and trying to improve at concertina!

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