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  1. Thank you for the several offers I've had over the last week.

    I'm mulling some of them over...............


    Just to add a bit more detail........this concertina is a superb instrument it plays beautifully with a bright tone , very responsive reeds and balanced clear chords...... It is not as growly in tone as the model 22 I sold Geoff woof about 5 years ago, but in my opinion it is a better instrument.....or at least a more alround instrument ...it will certainly play very loudly when need be....but it's a bit more refined than Geoff's.

    The ebony frames are in very good condition as are the metal ends.....it has the metal pointy label.

    About 18 months ago Mark adey made 7 fold thin all leather bellows for it....the best he makes.


    With 2 babies I'm not allowed to play it in the house....and I never get out any more.......

    I've love someone to give this the playing it deserves......

    the price is now offers around £2000.........it was too cheap last week !! .....or I'll swap it for a very very good wooden ended instrument....

    All the best,


  2. Difficult.........but Will try........


    It's in very good condition, metal ends, metal pointy Wheatstone label,ebony frames and as new best black leather 7 fold bellows ....in original box.....


    I would rather swap it than sell it.....preferably a good wooden ended Victorian treble.......

  3. Lovely loud responsive extended treble 56 key

    Metal ends

    New 7 fold soft leather bellows made 18 months ago by mark adey


    Would like to swap this for something with wooden ends that's on the quieter side


    Or for sale for 1600 English pounds


    This is a superb treble , but due to babies and lack of time I don't play it any more

  4. I have 2 wheatstones that aren't being used........


    wooden ended 48 key treble aeola ......steel reeds , not much fretwork ,so sounds sweet, restored by dave robertson.


    metal ended 56 key extended treble .......new 7 fold bellows by mark adey......responsive and potentially loud.


    both are superb trebles..... :( ....located in devon


    ring me on 01271 814609...for more details.



    all the best simon



  5. due to another impending baby.......


    48 key baritone

    raised metal ends

    6 fold bellows

    concert pitch

    restored by nigel sture about 5 years ago.

    the serial number is 22893 which dates it to about 1900, it has a bell shaped fretwork pattern, shallow reed pans and a superb rich, growly sound.Its in very good condition and plays superbly.


    Its as good a baritone as I've ever played....(jon loomes,from the music room played it recently and loved it)


    I'm online very infrequently these days(due to a new job and a 2 year old) so it would be best to give me a ring

    my number is 01271 814609


    the concertina is in devon and i'd like 2500 pounds for it.

    all the best


  6. the wakker definitely sounded more 'accordiony'......however your wheatstone treble is as growly as an English concertina is ever going to sound!!


    I'm sure there is something in how tapered the reeds are....but also the environment the reed is in, i.e the pan layout and depth, type and hardness of wood, type of steel used for reeds etc must all play a role.


    I'm interested for you to see how a few of your wakker reeds sound in the green mean machine!!!


    however, shouldn't you be shortening that pipe waiting list now you're back in france ,................not faffing around with concertina reeds!!!..... :)

  7. There is another one in devon.............and they should be having a play together this evening!


    As an aside this raised metal ended baritone cost about £19 in the early 1900s


    an aeola baritone cost £20


    a 'basic' wooden ended baritone cost £10


    and a pair of leather boots cost about 3 shillings..... :huh:

  8. [same as a model 22 but a baritone! I love it .......except that its a bit loud!!!]


    this is my dream baritone....it's also my dream TT....metal-ended, hexagonal, the loud, big-voiced "flat reed-pan" sound....cannot understand the penchant for soft, mellow concertinas and for muffling the big-voiced ones...they are a dream for band playing, dance playing, outdoor playing, group playing, etc...


    it does have a big thick voice, that I won't be baffling!!!!!......don't panic!!!

  9. I've attached a photo of a baritone that I own.Its number 22800 ish , raised ends with very fine fretwork , a flat reedpan and slightly smaller in size .......7 inches.Good thick sound and quick as you'd expect....

    Has anyone seen one like this before or owned one?

    It was hanging out in peru before I acquired it !!!!! post-6391-0-65277300-1392030854_thumb.jpg :huh:

  10. I've just acquired a 'new' concertina with new red bushings, which I'm not into!! :o


    Has anyone successfully changed red bushings to black in situe and if so how's it been done?


    I was thinking of using black fountain pen ink and a very fine paintbrush but was concerned with the glue (pva?) which is holding the bushings in being compromised......


    any help appreciated....





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